RFP and AFA Pricing Support

56% of corporate counsel issued RFPs for law firms in 2015, up from 45% in 2014. Your company’s data can be used to ride this trend going forward. Our consultants can utilize your department’s data to effectively answer questions related to RFPs. Limit the time sink of email chains that go nowhere. Instead, let us help you win business by answering valuable questions an RFP may not even have asked. To accomplish this, it is critical to engage your data to reveal important information about risk and exposure. Part of this assessment also means keeping up to date on your competition’s strategies and pricing models to ensure that you stay at the cutting edge in your practice area.

Don’t set yourself up for failure when it comes to budgeting money or time. Price your AFAs intelligently and advantageously. We’ll help you look through the relevant data in order to understand the cost of a matter. We want you to win business, and to win it profitably. To that end, we also help you strategically price your services to facilitate development of new clients, and to mitigate risk. Ultimately, we want you to fully understand, intelligently navigate, and properly price every aspect of an AFA.

AFA pricing support is available for one or a handful of large individual projects, such as M&A. We can also help price portfolios of smaller, more routine projects with the goal of optimizing your portfolio and finding the appropriate risk premiums. We want you to have the most competitive pricing structures, while still taking on work that will be profitable.

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