Outside Counsel Management

Outside counsel is a must in today’s interconnected, fast-paced corporate environment. It isn’t always easy, however, to make sense of the resources of an outside counsel firm, and what expertise is most required in any given situation. LexPredict provides a number of services related to outside counsel management.

When considering outside counsel, it’s important to keep your legal department’s goals in mind. Our team of experts can look at your portfolio to determine whether matters should go to outside counsel, or whether they can stay in-house. We will assess which attorneys at which firms are the best fit for your needs, whether those needs are on a local, or national level. Along those lines, we also analyze whether and how the work done by several different outside firms can be consolidated in order to reduce the number of outside law firms used.

Finding the right outside counsel is important, but so is finding the right price. We will work with you to develop billing guidelines aligned with your strategic goals and needs. Everyone wants to reduce outside legal spend. Our experts can provide guidance on how to establish and negotiate optimal AFAs to reduce cost. There is more to reducing cost than just negotiating lower prices, though. Reducing risk is just as important, if not more important. Our experts can work with outside counsel hires to find the lowest cost litigation strategy that will align with your business objectives and goals. In so doing, we also engage with those services that can transfer and manage risk.

The ultimate end goal of outside counsel is to bring in the very best talent, and to build and maintain relationships with firm partners over the long term. At LexPredict, we value these kinds of partnerships, and we work hard to establish and maintain good working relationships between corporate departments and their outside counsel resources.

Matter Management for In-House or Outside Counsel
RFP Programs/Referrals
Billing Guideline Management
Reduction of Outside Spend and Exposure
Risk Transfer

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