Organizational Design and Optimization

LexPredict helps organizations analyze and improve on their structure. From competitive intelligence to staffing and placement, we are experts on designing and improving organization for law.

The legal industry is evolving. Large corporations demand more from their legal departments. They want greater transparency, more rigorous management, and increased price sensitivity. In turn, legal departments have begun to pressure their outside counsel for more certainty about fee structures, and more clarity about how services are delivered. It can be challenging for both consumers and providers of legal services to determine how to invest in the right people and support structures necessary to weather these changes. Many organizations respond by investing in one or more of the following:

  • Legal Operations
  • Knowledge Management
  • Pricing
  • Legal Project Management
  • Legal Process Improvement
  • Applied Technology
  • Legal Analytics

Finding the right mix is difficult. It requires a careful understanding of a company’s culture, as well as its clients and capabilities. LexPredict’s experienced consultants help optimize the internal organization of corporate legal departments and law firms to help them meet the demands of a complex and changing legal industry.

We bring a rigorous approach to organizational design for law. We begin by assessing the current state of an organization. In our diagnostic phase, we interview practitioners and allied professionals, evaluate current support systems, and identify opportunities for growth. We also review the client’s perspective, whether that client is a business or a corporate legal department. Then we highlight competitor activity as we develop an improved structure. LexPredict delivers specific recommendations and support in order to most effectively use the people, processes, platforms, projects, and change-management schemas that a legal service provider needs to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.

Organizational Strategy
Voice of Client Interviews
RFP Review
Competitive Intelligence
Capabilities Mapping
Staffing and Placement

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