Legal Process Consulting

Businesses have been using process improvement principles to increase the value of their work product and reduce waste for decades. As pressure to control legal costs increases, law firms and corporate legal departments have also begun to invest in these same principles to more efficiently and effectively deliver legal services. Complex legal services don’t share many similarities with manufacturing, for example, but legal matters of a similar type do share similar patterns of activity.

LexPredict provides legal process consulting to law firms and legal departments, to help legal teams master and apply legal process improvement techniques to their work. Data and technology are important, but our experts understand that this is not the whole story. By themselves, data and technology are not sufficient to transform legal service delivery. In order to fully capitalize on the advantages of data and technology, organizations must take time to understand patterns of work and waste.

Joint Client Process Improvement Workshops
Practice Group Workstream Optimization
Lean Training for Lawyers
Portfolio Process Mapping

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