Legal Data Strategy

Law firms and corporate legal departments increasingly understand the value of data-driven decision-making, but they struggle to develop the strategy and capabilities to achieve results. The landscape of technologies, disciplines, and human capital is daunting. Practice areas have a wide range of needs and experience. Interacting with the larger organization’s existing technology and data science resources requires new communication skills.

LexPredict helps law firms and corporate legal departments establish a vision for the future and chart their course to get there. Relying on a thorough assessment of the organization’s current maturity state, our strategy articulates a set of objectives tied to a successful data program, outlines a road map for accomplishing those objectives, and creates a balanced scorecard to help monitor and implement a program. That program road map includes tailored recommendations related to the people, processes, and technology tools that the organization needs to become a data-driven organization.

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Data Science Maturity and Capability Assessment
Legal Data Vision, Objectives, and Roadmap
Practice-Specific Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization Programs
Change Management and Communications Planning
Data Analytics and Visualization Tool Selection

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