Executive Intelligence and Training

Law firms and legal departments contain a wealth of human capital. From the youngest assistant to the founding partner and GC, a firm’s success is driven by the skills and knowledge of its team. If you don’t invest in these skills and knowledge, you’re not investing in your success. At LexPredict, we know how to motivate and educate through speaking engagements on leadership and training for legal professionals and law students. Our partners are experienced keynote speakers, having led thousands of hours of lectures and seminars in both industry and academia over the last decade.

We provide both on-site, workshop-style learning experiences, as well as university-style online courses for training legal professionals. For both on-site and online training, we provide the option of tailored group projects and exercises. Depending on your needs – such as number of students, business units represented by the students, their functional roles, and any other relevant data or business problems – we can craft a professional training program just for you.

Our on-site training courses are typically 1-2 full-day sessions, or 2-4 half-day sessions. Online, university-style courses, typically for management or executives with busier schedules, range from 4-12 weeks, and may involve 2-4 half-day weekend sessions. In addition, we provide regular interaction through teleconferencing and course websites. We charge a per-student-session or per-student-week fee that varies with class size and customization, and all software and data licenses are provided at no cost through cloud-based training software for standard courses.

All courses include 10 hours of professional consulting at no additional cost, so students are strongly encouraged to engage the lecturers on real business problems they face. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Data Science for Legal Professionals
  • Advanced Analytics for Legal Professionals
  • Introduction to Legal Project Management
  • Introduction to Legal Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma
  • Introduction to the Legal Technology Landscape: From e-Discovery to Contract Automation
  • Introduction to Finance and Accounting for Legal Professionals
  • Introduction to Risk Management for Legal Professionals
  • Introduction to Legal RFPs
  • Blockchain for Legal Professionals
  • Game Theory and Behavioral Economics for Legal Professionals

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