Data Visualization and Exploration

Thoughtful data visualization is crucial to making data relevant in the legal industry. Whether communicating the results of a predictive model, or conducting a simple calculation of change over time, data must be organized and presented in a way that will increase awareness and drive informed decisions. For LexPredict, data visualization is more science than art. Armed with extensive knowledge of the cognitive science that underpins modern visualization best practices, our consultants design and configure simple, magnetic displays for both lawyers and businesspeople.

LexPredict has designed and configured hundreds of internal- and external-facing visual user interfaces. Our consultants have built law firm financial dashboards, client-facing portfolio management and reporting dashboards, executive consoles drawing from corporate matter management and business systems, and interactive law firm diversity reporting interfaces. Our data visualization experts are skilled with Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Pentaho, SSRS, Dundas, Shiny, D3, and custom web application deployments.

Data Visualization Tool Selection
Dashboard and Information Console Design and Development
Visualization + BI Software Implementation
Automated Report Creation

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