Data-Driven Analytics Solutions

LexPredict designs and develops data-driven legal analytics solutions to help law firms and corporate legal departments extract actionable insight from their data. We draw on deep data science expertise, working with lawyers and other professionals within a company to identify and delineate opportunities for their organization to use data to improve the delivery of legal services. We collaboratively develop relevant data models, utilize novel predictive methods, and design best-in-class visualizations that effortlessly communicate insights gleaned from the data.

LexPredict helps corporate legal departments to:

  • Create greater parity between legal department reporting, and reporting coming from other units of the business
  • Develop quantitative risk models based on lawsuit outcome forecasts
  • Mitigate risk in the business by threading together legal department data with other company systems
  • Optimize outside counsel based on their fees and legal outcomes

LexPredict helps law firms to:

  • Create rigorous early case assessment systems underpinned by advanced statistical models
  • Diagnose, control, and respond to core issues within distressed portfolios
  • Negotiate agreements with added intelligence about opposing counsel behaviors
  • Win new business by arming lawyers with detailed information about target portfolios and matters

LexPredict maintains an experienced team of individuals with skills in the following areas:

  • Database and Data Store: SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres), XML, DMS
  • Data Science and Analytics: Excel, R, Python, SAS, Stata, Matlab
  • Reporting and Visualization: Tableau, Power BI, Pentaho, SSRS
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Predictive Analytics
Case Prediction and Outcome Forecasting
Legal Data Collection
Document Classification
Entity Extraction

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