Legal Complexity Explorer

About the Legal Complexity Explorer

You’ve heard people complain about the “complexity” of the law before, but have you  ever seen someone measure it?

This site does just that by presenting measurements and relative rankings for the length, reading level, structure, and citations in legal material, such as the bills of the United States Congress.  While there are certainly other ways to measure the complexity of the law, this site serves to help empirically ground policy discussion.

This site is an open, public interest project published by LexPredict, an enterprise legal technology and consulting firm, specializing in the application of best-in-class processes and technologies from the technology, financial services, and logistics industries to the practice of law, compliance, insurance, and risk management. We focus on the goals of prediction, optimization, and risk management to enable holistic organizational changes that empower legal decision-making. These changes span people and processes, software and data, and execution and education.

To learn more about academic research on the complexity of the law, we recommend the following papers:

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