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Vision. Leadership. Experience.
Daniel Martin Katz, JD, PhD, MPPChief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Daniel Martin Katz, JD, PhD, MPP

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Daniel is a technologist, scientist, and law professor, blending education and thought leadership with empirical analyses of law and society. He is an Associate Professor of Law @ Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law, author of the MIT School of Law, and editor for a number of academic and industrial journals.

James Falvey, JD, MBASenior Consultant

James Falvey, JD, MBA

Senior Consultant

James is an attorney and expert consultant with a wealth of experience. His track record spans more than 25 years as a general counsel, outside counsel, and in government. He has headed up and consulted for legal departments with the largest financial exchanges, commodity trading advisors, investment advisors, and insurance providers in the world. Outside of this traditional work, he also has extensive experience working with FinTech start-ups, advising governmental agencies, and educating students in professional programs.

Michael J Bommarito IICEO, Co-Founder

Michael J Bommarito II

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael founds, builds, operates, consults for, invests in, and advises businesses in legal and financial services, tech, and logistics. His experience spans strategy, technology, business, and operations, ranging from top Am Law firms and $B+ AUM investment firms to idea-stage startups.

Outside of for-profit activities, he is passionate about education and community-building. He holds adjunct and fellow positions at the University of Michigan, Stanford, Michigan State University, and Chicago-Kent IIT, where he helps prepare students for the future of the legal profession.

Josh Blackman, JDDirector of Judicial Research, Partner

Josh Blackman, JD

Director of Judicial Research, Partner

Josh is an Assistant Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law in Houston. He specializes in constitutional law, the United States Supreme Court, and the intersection of law and technology. Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Unprecedented: The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare. Josh was selected by Forbes Magazine for the “30 Under 30” in Law and Policy. Josh is the founder and President of the Harlan Institute, the creator of FantasySCOTUS, and blogs at

Jillian Bommarito, CPATreasurer

Jillian Bommarito, CPA


Jillian serves as a financial advisor and consultant to multiple start-ups and mature businesses. She focuses on tax structuring, strategic long-term planning, and day-to-day operations. Her mix of financial and technical knowledge brings a unique perspective to legal and financial tech firms.

Tyler Soellinger, JD, MBASenior Consultant

Tyler Soellinger, JD, MBA

Senior Consultant

Tyler is a JD/MBA with several years of experience in improving legal operations and leading change at in-house law departments, law firms, and courts. Drawing from strategic management, process improvement, and data analytics, Tyler delivers tailored solutions that help increase value, achieve business objectives, and establish a competitive advantage.