Legal Project Management For Law Firms

    75% of GCs now ask for initial and ongoing budget reports. 80% are using Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) or Request for Proposals (RFPs). Nearly all are looking to consolidate into fewer outside counsel relationships. How prepared are you to retain existing clients and win new business?

  At LexPredict, we can help you stand out from the crowd and keep your clients happy. We provide expert services in legal project management and budgeting.  Regardless of how much experience your firm has, we can help you improve your practice and compete in the modern landscape.

    Loosely speaking, project management is the practice of breaking defined goals down into clear units of work. While there are many approaches and tools like Agile and SharePoint, we take an agnostic approach.  We work with you to devise and execute on the right plan, not necessarily a cookie-cutter plan.  Are you interested in Agile or Kanban for Law? LexPredict trainers and legal project managers help educate resources and implement processes.  Do you want to use tools like SharePoint or JIRA?  Our technology consultants have you covered.  What if you are still building consensus around the need for project management?  Communication and thought leadership services can help you produce high-quality, persuasive material tailored to your peers.  Legal project management for law firms requires a broad set of skills, and we have the resources to meet your needs, whatever they might be.

Retrospective analysis of litigation matters on project management triangle

Performance on historical litigation matters

    The goal, however, isn’t just to implement a process or technology; it’s to increase the value delivered to your clients and to convincingly communicate this value to them. In many cases, organizations see substantial improvements in the quality and efficiency of their work or the morale of their staff. And even if you’re already running a perfectly-oiled machine, one of the most common GC complaints is that law firms don’t communicate well about status and budget. While legal project management is no panacea, it really can solve many problems.

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