The legal landscape has shifted significantly – as all sectors of the economy have – with the spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. We have been hard at work developing new data models for ContraxSuite designed specifically to help legal professionals in law firms and law departments to answer the following questions:

  • Can we cancel certain – or all – contractual obligations due to the pandemic?
  • Can we delay fulfilling certain contract terms while still staying compliant?
  • Do we need to give notice of business disruption to our partners?
  • What are our obligations if we cancel this conference/event we’ve been planning?
  • Is our Business Continuity plan detailed enough for, and applicable to, a pandemic like COVID-19?

Developing a COVID-19 Strategy

We have already written extensively about how our extensible toolkit ContraxSuite can be adapted to find critical information like Force Majeure clauses and Business Disruption contingencies: