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LexPredict is an enterprise consulting and technology firm. We provide services focused on improving process, technology, and the way people interact with both. While there are other firms who consult in this space, our team’s interdisciplinary and technical backgrounds allow us to provide uniquely qualified services in legal analytics, legal data science and training, risk management, and legal data strategy consulting. These services focus on building and communicating a consensus within legal departments and firms, as well as executing on strategies that will empower organizations to make better decisions.

In addition to traditional consulting services, LexPredict develops software and data solutions for knowledge management, contract analytics, predictive modeling, resource management, and regulatory trends. Our flagship contract analytics platform, ContraxSuite, is powered by machine learning and by the legal-specific natural language processing toolkit, LexNLP. ContraxSuite and LexNLP assist organizations with a wide range of tasks, including document identification, metadata tagging, contract analytics, workflow process improvement, and case valuation. Not only that, but ContraxSuite is highly extensible, allowing organizations to customize and add features that they need to run advanced data science projects.

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For more information on our products and services, or for press inquiries, send us a message at contact@lexpredict.com.

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