Announcing ContraxSuite Version 1.8.0!

ContraxSuite Release 1.8.0 is the thirtieth open source release and became generally available on December 2nd, 2020. In this release, we focused on responding to customer feedback and made many improvements to the UI, either by expanding features, improving the functionality of features, or adding brand new features. Take a look.

End User Interface Release Notes

Release 1.8.0 focused on the following broad updates:

  • Updated and expanded functionality of “Stats” pages.
  • Updated and expanded project and Document Type-level permissions.
  • Added OCR Rating to determine quality of PDFs.
  • Updated .zip export to use searchable PDF if “Make Searchable PDFs” task was run.
  • Added “Original Document Link” as a Grid column, so a user can navigate from the grid or from an exported Excel file straight to an original file stored in the project.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Detailed Changelog for End User Interface

New Features in Version 1.8.0
  • Updated and expanded functionality of “Stats” pages to allow document reviewers, managers, and other users to visualize and understand the data within their document corpus. There are now 3 major “Stats” pages:
    • Project Management: Shows pie chart breaking down stats by project or by user/role, with filters that dynamically change the central pie chart.
    • Document Type Diagnostics: Shows pie charts for Detection Strategy and Field Type data, as well as diagnostic graphs for each Field, for a specific Document Type.
    • Field and Detector Details: Shows a filterable Grid of Fields and Field Detectors for each Document Type in your ContraxSuite instance. Filtering the Grid dynamically changes histograms for Field Detectors and Hidden Fields, and a pie chart showing Detection Strategy.
    • All charts and graphs can be exported as JPG or PNG files.
  • Enhanced and added flexible Access Control Model permissions, allowing for custom group-based access management, including the addition of a “Junior Reviewer” project-level permission, who can only access documents assigned to them by a Project Owner. The different project-level permissions are now as follows:
    • Junior Reviewer: Can only see and edit documents assigned to them. They cannot delete the project and/or documents in it, add users or documents to the project, or perform bulk assignment or status changes.
    • Reviewer: Has all the same access as Junior Reviewer, and can additionally see and edit all documents in the project, regardless of assignment.
    • Reviewer Upload and Manage: Has all the same access as a Reviewer, and can additionally upload documents and perform bulk assignment and status changes.
    • Project Owner: Has all the same access as Reviewer Upload and Manage, and can additionally delete the project, delete documents from the project, and add users to the project.
  • New “Manager” permission added at the Document Type level, giving Reviewers or Project Creators the ability to access and edit specific Document Types.
  • Updated bulk export of documents to use “Make Searchable PDFs” results, so users can download post-OCR versions of scanned documents that were not previously searchable.
  • Documents Grid View: Added a column for “Original Doc Link”. This column displays a URL coded to a document’s UUID (Universally Unique Identifier), and can be exported from the Grid just like all other columns. Users can follow this link to see the original document.
  • Documents Grid View: Users can now see an “OCR Rating” for the quality of OCR on any given document uploaded to a project. In practice, this allows for quick prioritization and triage of poorly scanned documents for manual process.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Users can now navigate to the desired entry in a scrolling numbered list of annotated text for Related Info Fields. (e.g., if there are 20 annotations for a Field, and the user opens a document they’ve previously viewed, and wants to read the 11th annotation, user can type “11” into the numbered list to the right of the Field in the Field Values tab.)
Improved Features in Version 1.8.0
  • Improved the warning messages and instructions when deleting Document Types, and when attempting to modify Document Types, while document uploads are in progress.
  • Improved interoperability of Username and First Name/Last Name values for users.
  • Improved document upload speed.
  • Updated and expanded functionality for Document Notification Emails (Subscriptions).
  • Upgrades to WebSockets:
    • If field detection crashes on a project, user will now receive a WebSocket error message that matches the error message that appears in Admin Tasks.
    • Improved connection recovery
  • Annotator: Data Entity values are listed in descending order.
  • Batch Analysis – Clusters: Improved ability to click into documents from the Clusters page.
  • Contract Analysis: Updates and improvements to the new “Detect Field Values” task in the UI:
    • Improved display of logs
    • Improved buttons and workflow
  • Contract Analysis – Clause Review: Improved the navigation messages displayed in the workflow.
  • Documents Grid View: Cursor for column expansion is easier to control.
  • Documents Grid View: Clicking the text associated with an annotation in the Grid brings up a window to view the text. This window can be cancelled either with the X in the upper right of the window, or by pressing the ESC key.
  • Documents Grid View: Added “OCR Rating” to options available in “Column Visibility”.
  • Management: “Detect limit unit” and “Detect limit count” added to options available in “Column Visibility” in Grid Views.
  • Management: Drop-down menus for forms on Document Field and Field Detector creation/edit pages are now wider, making it easier for users to see full names of Document Types and Fields when interacting with pages.
  • Management – Document Fields: Filtering the Grid, and then entering a Field to make and save changes, will then return the user to the Grid page with the previous Filters intact.
  • Management – Document Types: Added a separate “Field Title” column to the Fields Grid within a Document Type edit page.
  • Management – Document Types: Improved process and error handling for exporting and importing Document Types.
  • Management – Document Types: Users can now edit Fields from a Document Type page and be returned to that Document Type page after saving changes.
Bug Fixes in Version 1.8.0
  • Fixed a bug where the “Upload Successful” message would not disappear as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where setting “Default Column Grid Headers” would not process.
  • Fixed a bug in IE where text and buttons in “Cancel Upload” modals appeared off center.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a project would not delete the project from the main menu’s projects list.
  • Fixed a bug where loading large volumes of documents (10,000+) would lead to an API time-out.
  • Fixed a bug where the count of documents being uploaded would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate documents that had been deleted from a project would still be counted as part of the project.
  • Annotator: Arrow hotkeys for document-to-document navigation within the Annotator were not working properly.
  • Annotator: Changing the Status of a document in the Status & Notes tab would sometimes fail.
  • Annotator: Default Values for Choice, Multi Choice, and String Fields would not appear in the right pane.
  • Annotator: Modal for confirming cancellation of a document upload would appear in the wrong place.
  • Annotator: Notes could sometimes not be deleted.
  • Annotator/Clause Review: “Assign to” drop-down would sometimes not list available users.
  • Contract Analysis – Clause Review: Pressing CTRL+F would bring up the wrong tab.
  • Contract Analysis – Clause Review: Refreshing a page in the Clause Review workflow after clicking “Accept” or “Reject” would sometimes fail, or the screen would go blank.
  • Documents Grid: Assigning or unassigning documents to a user would not be saved, and sometimes the “Bulk Assign” action would not display correct information.
  • Documents Grid: Deleting a document from a project would not always remove the document from the Grid.
  • Documents Grid: Holding SHIFT did not properly multi-select documents in the Grid.
  • Documents Grid: Opening the “Developer Tools” in Google Chrome would sometimes erase a value from Filters.
  • Documents Grid: Running “Detect Field Values” task would sometimes create a divided/duplicated clause.
  • Documents Grid: Sort icons would sometimes not appear in Grid columns.
  • Documents Grid – Batch Analysis: Column expansion/contraction in the Grid would not resize columns appropriately.
  • Management: Deleting a Field Detector would display the associated Field’s name.
  • Management: Floating point numbers would not round to the appropriate number of decimal places.
  • Management: Text would sometimes appear blurry on Management Grids.
  • Management – Document Fields: Editing a Field page with “Depends on” criteria would sometimes not save changes to formulas.
  • Management – Document Fields: Expanding the column size of Fields at the bottom of a Document Type page, or of Field Detectors at the bottom of a Document Field page, would place “Edit” button and delete (“X”) button outside the Grid.
  • Management – Document Fields: Choice options for Multi-Choice Fields could be created/edited with commas and/or spaces in them, even though the system and database do not allow this.
  • Management – Document Fields: The “Create New Document Field Detector” button wouldn’t always appear at the bottom of a Document Field’s edit page.
  • Management – Document Fields: A Document Field could sometimes be successfully saved, even if it contained a formula written with errors.
  • Management – Document Types: Fixed a bug where the “Create New Document Field” button wouldn’t always appear at the bottom of a Document Type’s edit page.

The full release notes and changelog for ContraxSuite 1.8.0, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

Stay up to date on ContraxSuite’s expanding capabilities by checking out our work on using ContraxSuite’s Document Explorer to analyze contracts for COVID-19 risk, or reading our series of LIBOR-focused blog posts or our LIBOR white paper.

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