Announcing ContraxSuite Version 1.6.0!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of global life. As more and more people work from home, the development and improvement of sophisticated software has become even more integral to revitalizing the economy. Meanwhile, other systemic changes like the LIBOR transition and legislation like the CCPA have changed the legal landscape in more pervasive and permanent ways. Contract analytics tools are becoming table stakes as the world continues to confront the challenges of living and working in 2020.

For all these reasons and more, we are proud to announce the latest version of ContraxSuite Extraction & Analysis. In this release, one of our biggest of the past three years, we have made uploading documents faster and more efficient, expanded user features, and added helpful tooltips. We have also created and developed a new Clause-Level review tool that allows document reviewers to see exactly the clauses that need their attention, without having to scroll through contracts that could be dozens – if not hundreds – of pages long.

Version 1.6.0 is the twenty-eighth open source release, and one of our largest. It became generally available on June 9th, 2020. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

End User Interface Release Notes

Version 1.6.0 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • A new Clause-Level Review panel for Contract Analysis Projects.
  • Changed the name of “Explore Data” to “Document Explorer”.
  • Expanded user functionality, including the addition of hotkeys.
  • Implemented additional WebSocket notifications during document loading.
  • Implemented, a leading open-source JavaScript file uploader that:
    • Supports faster and larger document uploads;
    • Has a pre-loader that displays progress of each individual document upload;
    • Improves error handling and detection of broken or incompatible files.
Clause-Level review tool

Quickly review every clause ContraxSuite extracts

Detailed Changelog for End User Interface

New Features in Version 1.6.0
  • Added a new Clause-Level Review panel for Contract Analysis projects. This tool:
    • Allows users to quickly review individual clauses where ContraxSuite extracted data into a Document Field;
    • Gives users a simple choice of whether to Accept or Reject individual clauses;
    • Adds hotkeys for easy navigation through clauses;
    • Gives Admins and Project Managers the ability to quickly review Accepted and Rejected clauses;
    • Provides the option to hide this functionality for projects that don’t require it (Clause-Level Review is turned OFF by default).
  • Added several new features to Batch Analysis projects:
    • Users can now rename and/or delete Batch Analysis projects through the main project settings interface.
    • Users now receive a warning message if a clustering task will take a long time to process.
    • Users can now cluster documents based on text unit analysis.
  • Added progress bars for ongoing uploads in the projects list in the Main Menu.
  • Added default sorting protocol for when users discard filters.
  • Document Explorer now has a Project Selection bar in the top-right. Users can select any number of projects in their ContraxSuite instance when they search, filter, and view category grids.
  • Document Fields can now be added or modified directly from a new grid located at the bottom of a Document Type’s configuration page.
  • Document Field Detectors can now be added or modified directly from a new grid located at the bottom of a Document Field’s configuration page.
  • Users can now clone Document Types or Document Fields and their Field Detectors.
  • Users can now cluster documents by Doc2Vec records by selecting “Text” option on the clustering screen.
Improved Features in Version 1.6.0
  • Admin Tasks: Added functionality related to machine learning-based field detection strategies, previously only available in the Django admin interface.
  • Contract Analysis: Improved functionality, hint text, and tooltip text on Document Field and Document Field Detector creation screens.
  • Document Explorer: Improved the information pop-up that appears when administrators and project managers use the “Run Task” feature.
  • Document Explorer: Removed faulty “Highlight” button from search options.
  • Document Explorer: Improved display of “LexNLP Extracted Values” page, including updates to category labels.
  • Document Explorer: Improved the sorting icon for column filters.
  • Doc Grid View: Improved the design and behavior of filters.
  • Management: Added the following features to Doc Grid View and Management pages (Document Type, Document Field, Document Field Detector, and Document Field Values):
    • Filtered column search
    • Refresh list
    • Column Visibility
    • Export of Data Grid
  • Added “Language” to Column Visibility in Batch Analysis and Contract Analysis Doc Grid Views.
  • Backend version number now appears next to release number.
  • ContraxSuite now correctly displays an error when users try to upload and parse empty documents.
  • Improved and added new warning pop-ups for cancelling document uploads.
  • Revised and improved tooltips, pop-ups, and descriptive text on various ContraxSuite pages.
Bug Fixes in Version 1.6.0
  • Batch Analysis: Failed clustering tasks would incorrectly display as still loading.
  • Batch Analysis: Annotations sometimes didn’t appear color-coded when the Color Picker was turned on.
  • Contract Analysis: Users were incorrectly able to change Field values even after a document had been marked “Complete”.
  • Contract Analysis: Some annotations were not appearing correctly.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Would freeze when users switched to “Quick Data” tab.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Users could enter letters into date Fields, and could enter symbols like “$” into Floating Point Number Fields.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Changing Field values would sometimes throw an error.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Clicking on an annotation would not center the right pane on the corresponding Field.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Lists of Choice and Multi-Choice annotations would always show as 1/N even when user cycled through each annotation.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Long sections of text were not fully highlighted after being annotated.
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Manually assigned annotations would not appear for some Fields.
  • Doc Grid View: Fixed bugs related to bulk updating contract data.
  • Document Explorer: Autocomplete for global search was not working.
  • Document Explorer: Filters that used the calendar selector would not display navigation buttons.
  • Document Explorer: “Search” button was broken.
  • “All documents successfully parsed” warning was shown even when upload tasks had failed.
  • Backend incorrectly showed errors when one user uploaded documents in a project, and another user in the same project then cancelled that same upload.
  • Clicking “Show details” during a document upload/parsing task would make the screen go blank.
  • Document ID search filter only worked if user typed in an entire Document ID.
  • Highlighted text could not be copied (either by right-clicking or using CTRL+C).
  • “Parsing successfully completed” pop-up would sometimes appear at the wrong time.
  • “Please login” message would appear after a successful login.
  • Pressing “Next”/”Previous” buttons when in the “Quick Data” tab would change /contract_analysis document URLs into /batch_analysis URLs.
  • Python formulas were not correctly validating on Field creation screens.
  • “Refresh” button was not working properly when Filters were engaged on Doc Grid View.
  • Screen would sometimes go white, or page wouldn’t load, when a user applied a filter, or navigated to a new tab or page.
  • “Set to” and “X” buttons would not appear for some annotations.
  • Users were prevented from uploading directories larger than 8GB.
  • Users would see an error when trying to export data from projects.
  • Various bug fixes related to document counts displayed both during upload and in the Doc Grid View.
  • Various bug fixes related to buttons being cut off the screen.
  • Various bug fixes around document upload behavior when pages crash or refresh.
  • Various bug fixes around browser errors associated with Document Types, Fields, Field Detectors, and Projects.
  • Various bug fixes for Internet Explorer.


Backend Release Notes

Version 1.6.0 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Improvements related to system stability.
  • The new Clause-Level review tool for Contract Analysis Projects.
Detailed Backend Changelog
  • Improved the Elastalert deployment that began with Version 1.5.0:
    • Added alerting for 502 Bad Gateway errors.
    • Enhanced alert messages, filters, and re-alerting logic so users are only alerted once.
    • Alerts now use Slack channels by default (configurable during deployment).
  • Implemented “Clause Review” block API to allow a user to:
    • Review document annotations one-by-one, grouped by Document Field.
    • Set statuses (“Accept” or “Reject”) for individual annotations.
    • Assign individual annotations to specific users for review.
  • Updated Document Explorer UI to allow users to work within specific chosen project(s).
  • Updated file browser and file storage engine for user media files to use WebDAV storage instead of local file storage for non-local deployments.
  • Implemented universal solution for changing log levels dynamically via the “Logging” setting in AppVar settings in the Django admin site.
  • Added usage of an AND operator to allow filtering by multiple columns in Document Explorer UI tables.
  • Added full text search for text unit text using PostgreSQL’s full text search engine, and added “Full Text Search” to the Global Search Bar in the Document Explorer UI.
  • Eliminated sharing of folders between multiple Docker services.
  • Added the ability for users to clone Document Fields and Document Types.
  • Enhanced WebSocket notifications related to upload session status, and added new notifications about cancelled upload sessions and failed “Load Documents” tasks.
  • Used Redis cache for application variables to have quick access from Celery and Django.
  • Added FieldFamily model to group similar Document Fields.
  • Implemented Doc2Vec featurization for classifying and clustering documents.
  • Reduced number of web servers in the Docker swarm by delegating UWSGI functions to Daphne web server.
  • Fine-tuned database queries to reduce the total amount of data fetching from the database.
  • Made a number of administrator GUI pages more responsive (e.g., Document Lists, Text Unit Lists, Term Usage, Geo-Entity Usage, etc.).
  • Introduced PgBouncer for better PostgreSQL connection utilization. Made several fixes for improving the database connection stability under high loads.
  • Implemented a universal solution for managing PostgreSQL materialized views and using them in the Document Explorer UI.
  • Improved the speed of ContraxSuite Docker image startup.
  • Simplified and improved speed of task status and task progress calculation, and moved these to SQL.
  • Implemented health checks for Docker services. Made various improvements related to ContraxSuite’s ability to restore clusters if services crash or disappear from the network.

The full release notes and changelog for ContraxSuite 1.6.0, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

Stay up to date on ContraxSuite’s expanding capabilities by checking out our work on using ContraxSuite’s Document Explorer to analyze contracts for COVID-19 risk, or reading our series of LIBOR-focused blog posts or our LIBOR white paper.

To get started with ContraxSuite, drop us a line at

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