ContraxSuite 1.5.0 Release Update

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There is a huge market demand for contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite. The LIBOR transition and new legislation like the CCPA are changing the legal landscape and transforming contract analytics into vital table stakes for organizations in many economic sectors.

Law firms, legal services providers, financial institutions, and many other organizations are looking for a powerful platform that can flexibly meet shifting needs. To meet this growing demand, we have continued to expand the scale, capability, and features of ContraxSuite. That is why we are very proud to announce the latest release of ContraxSuite, version 1.5.0. ContraxSuite Release 1.5.0 is the twenty-seventh open source release and became generally available on February 7th, 2020. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

End User Interface Release Notes

Release 1.5.0 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Improving the functionality of the new Annotator features introduced in Releases 1.3.0 and 1.4.0.
  • Improved handling of new UI features, including the new “Quick Data,” “Definitions List,” and “Section Navigation” tabs.
  • Improving and adding features to Clustering interface and Contract Analysis interface.

Detailed Changelog for End User Interface

New Features in Release 1.5.0
  • Added new “Is Contract” Field Type in the default fields available for Contract Analysis projects.
  • Navigation tabs improved and overhauled for superior UI/UX:
    • Field Values (Contract Analysis Only): Displays custom Fields and Categories created by admins and power users. The main reviewing interface where users can annotate passages of text and modify data captured in fields for machine learning.
    • Status and Notes (Contract Analysis Only): Where users can assign documents, change a document’s review status, and highlight sections of text to add notes to.
    • Quick Data: Default ContraxSuite Field Types will be populated with data automatically extracted by LexNLP. This differs from “Field Values,” which displays custom Fields and Categories created by admins and power users.
    • Definitions List: Displays a list of all defined terms found within a document. Searchable, and organized alphabetically.
    • Section Navigation: Displays the internal sections of a document. Searchable, and navigable.
    • Search: Use a simple word/phrase search, or a Regex-based search.
  • Batch Analysis – Annotator: All “Quick Data” tab Field Types are now assigned different colored highlights. These colors can be changed by hovering over the colored dot next to each data type.
    • These highlights can be toggled on/off with the “palette” icon in the lover right-hand corner of the main viewing pane.
Improved Features in Release 1.5.0
  • Options in the main menu can now be accessed even when menu is minimized, by hovering over the icon and clicking selections.
  • Improved warning messages when users try to upload unsupported file types, and many other potential errors.
  • Added the ability to cancel an ongoing document upload.
  • Document Grid View: Expanded the Field Types included as options in “Column Visibility”.
  • Document Grid View: Improved accuracy and speed when using Filters.
  • Document Grid View: Improved text wrapping for columns with large amounts of data.
  • Annotator: Searching via “Word” or “Regex” now performs searches much faster.
  • Batch Analysis: Improved design, including listing a document’s cluster name in the Annotator, and adding the ability to toggle highlights on and off.
  • Batch Analysis – Clustering: Improved the new “Unclustered” feature for outlier documents that do not easily fit within defined clusters.
  • Quick Data: Added “Currency Type” to the Quick Data tab.
Bug Fixes
  • Contract Analysis – Annotator: Fixed bugs related to using the “Categories” feature introduced in Release 1.3.0.
  • Improved error handling and resulting error messages.
  • Fixed processing of breadcrumbs for long project names and file names.
  • Fixed a bug where a logged-in user would receive a “Session Expired” error message.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when refreshing clusters in Batch Analysis.
  • Fixed a bug where Boolean values appeared as text fields.
  • Fixed a bug where some Fields could not be exported correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where loading .zip files failed.
  • Fixed broken “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the Annotator.
  • Fixed bugs in Internet Explorer related to sizes of viewing panes and scroll bars.
  • Fixed a broken link to the LexPredict blog in the “Explore Data” interface.
  • Improved handling of drop-down menus and other functionality in the new right pane index tabs introduced in 1.4.0 release.
  • Improved scroll bars and other controls.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to UI/UX.


Backend Release Notes

Release 1.5.0 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Improvements related to system stability.
  • Improvements in clustering, classifying, searching similarity algorithms.
Detailed Backend Changelog
  • Introduced Elastalert – alerting based on events/documents in Elasticsearch:
    • Alerting rules can be edited via Elastalert Kibana plugin.
    • Example disk usage alert rule is deployed with the system.
  • Implemented new version of clustering, classifying, searching similarity algorithms which use term frequency matrix based on extracted terms, dates, etc.
  • Updated features extraction algorithm to work with big data sets without memory issues.
  • Improved performance for several list pages on admin site and Data UI.
  • Improved handling of duplicated files when they’re uploaded simultaneously.
  • Removed “Total Cleanup” and “Clean Project” admin menu items for security reasons.
  • Introduced MLFlow support:
    • ContraxSuite now contains MLFlow tracking server and S3-compatible model storage.
    • Implemented lightweight MLFlow model service for executing predictions on several models loaded dynamically on demand.
    • Implemented field detection strategy which uses an MLFlow model for searching the sentences/paragraphs that match a Field.
  • Improved logging system to:
    • Collect logs of all Docker services into Elasticsearch with Filebeat.
    • Collect various system metrics into Elasticsearch with Metricbeat.
  • Made administrator panel pages open faster.
  • Started extracting more structured information from Tika (PDF, *.docx and *.doc files): headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks, lists.
  • Made documents / paragraphs similarity detection work faster, prompting the user if the detection task will take too much time.


The full release notes and changelog for ContraxSuite 1.5.0, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

Stay up to date on ContraxSuite’s expanding capabilities by checking out our work on word embeddings, reading our series of LIBOR-focused blog posts, or checking out our LIBOR white paper.

To get started with ContraxSuite, visit our website, or drop us a line at

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