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Client demand for document and contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite continues to grow. The LIBOR transition is a big part of this shift, one that we explore more deeply in our new white paper.

We continue to expand the scale and capabilities of ContraxSuite. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the latest release of ContraxSuite, version 1.2.3. ContraxSuite Release 1.2.3 is the twenty-fourth open-source release and became generally available on August 2nd, 2019. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

End User Interface Release Notes

Release 1.2.3 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Fixes, improvements, and expanded capabilities of the annotation screen
  • Numerous bug fixes and improved features throughout the user interface and the administrative interface
Detailed Changelog for End User Interface
  • New Feature: New “Show All Associated Text” option added to Column Visibility.
    • When selected, data grid will display the first three lines of text for a data field, in a column adjacent to the column for each data field.
    • This data can be exported to Excel.
    • Clicking on the three lines of text within the data grid will display a pop-up with the full text of the annotation for that data field.
  • New Feature: Document Field Values tab added to Administration tab.
    • This tab displays Project, Document, Document Field, Value, and Text.
    • Administrators can search within this tab.
  • New Feature – Annotator: Buttons for navigating to “next” and “previous” documents in a project now appear in the top left when one document is open in the annotator.
  • New Feature – Annotator: In a Contract Analysis project, when a user highlights a passage of text in “Batch” view that same text will remain highlighted when toggling over to “Contract” view.
  • New Feature – Annotator: A defined term in a document (e.g., “Base Rate”) will now appear underlined. Where this same defined term appears elsewhere in a document, clicking on that term will:
    • Open a pop-up window containing the definition of the term.
    • Allow user to “jump” to that section of text via a hyperlink.
  • New Feature – Admin Interface: Django admin interface now has grey-colored guidance text for form entries for Document Field and Document Field Detectors.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Individual regexp are now displayed each on their own line, in the Field Detector Grid View.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Choice value form on Field Creation page would display list of choices as a comma-separated list. Each choice value now appears on its own line for greater clarity.
  • Improved Feature – Data Grid: The Column Visibility feature in the data grid now has a Definitions column, and this data can also be exported to Excel.
  • Improved Feature: Data grid now has a Column Visibility option for the “Notes” section of documents.
    • The Notes for a document appear as a pop-up when clicked.
    • These notes can be exported to Excel.
  • Improved Feature: The Column Visibility interface now appears as a modal in the data grid. The modal is scrollable, and users can search for the specific data fields they want to display.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: A highlighted section of text will now have “Select Field to Associate” above the highlight.
  • Improved Feature – Main Menu: When a (new) user has no projects in “Recent Projects”, display will show the following text: “You do not have access to any projects. Once you have been given access to a project it will appear on the left.”
  • Improved Feature – Main Menu: Text of project names appearing in the left-side menu now displays longer project names on two lines.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Functionality and logic for field creation and field detection improved. Now, only fields relevant to the field type in question will be displayed for the user; data field options will be displayed conditionally depending on which field type the user chooses.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Improved conditional display option on field creation screen so that the options that appear match with the Field Detection Strategy.
  • Improved Feature – Administration Tab: Improved clarity of error messages related to deleting Document Types and their data.
  • Improved Feature: Percent and Money fields now allow for up to 6 decimal places.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Document Type is now a column that appears in the Document Field Detector grid.
  • Improved Feature: ContraxSuite now warns user if they are attempting to upload files that exceed the size limit.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Document Field configuration now displays a “Success” message when a new field is successfully created.
  • Improved Feature – Data Grid: Numeric values are now sorted in descending order by default.
  • Fixed Bugs – Admin Interface: A field that has already been created cannot have its Field Type or Document Type changed, in order to avoid corrupted data. Field Types and Document Types of fields that have already been created now appear as read-only.
  • Fixed Bug – Admin Interface: The “Create New Field” button would float unanchored on the Document Type Creation Screen.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Screen would go white when user attempted to save new document field values (including “Related Info” and currency-based fields), open a document, or delete a document from a project.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Selecting an annotation from the right-hand panel would navigate to the text associated with the annotation, but would not highlight the text.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Highlighting a passage of text would sometimes cause the text to disappear from the screen. At other times, the selection would contain text that had not been highlighted.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Text can now be highlighted and copied using right-click or Ctrl+C.
  • Fixed Bug – Batch Analysis: After clustering, data grid would not display clusters, and filtering by cluster would show no documents in a cluster.
  • Fixed Bug: An expired session would not re-direct user to the login screen.
  • Fixed Bug: Users could only enter 10-digit numbers, and only 9-digit numbers if they were decimal values.
  • Upgraded frontend dependencies according to GitHub security alert.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements in the Annotator.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements in the Admin Interface.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements in the user interface.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements for browser compatibility.

Backend Release Notes

Release 1.2.3 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Fixes and improvements to increase OCR stability
  • Several API improvements and bug fixes
  • Enhancements to LexNLP parsers
Detailed Backend Changelog
  • Updated integer fields handling for storage of integers as BIGINT PostgreSQL data type.
  • Updated OCR routine – now Celery starts Tika as a local *.jar file to avoid depleting CPU resources.
  • Re-used admin forms to validate Document Field, Document Type, and Document Field Detector objects created and updated via API.
  • Improved API for model object form fields to retrieve help_text and read_only parameters from admin form.
  • Updated Document Field, Document Type, and Document Field Detector serializers.
  • Fixed api/v1/document/documents API.
  • Added check for maximum document size.
  • Updated Python requirements according to GitHub’s security vulnerability warnings.
  • Updated rounding for Percent field and Money field for cached values to store up to 6 digits after a decimal point.
  • Added “Associated Text” and “Notes” columns into document grid (API response).
  • Added ability to export field values into .csv file via API.
  • Added WebDAV file storage for sharing document files across Celery workers in ContraxSuite cluster. Implemented CRUD operations support on documents and other shared files to avoid processing them on the master machine.
  • Several stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Standardized LexNLP methods response to return a generator of Annotation objects or a generator of dictionaries (tuples).
  • Improved LexNLP handling for definitions and companies for the “EN” locale.
  • Improved sentence splitting logic.
  • Improved LexNLP unit test coverage.

LexNLP Changelog

As of August 2nd, 2019, we’ve also released a new version of LexNLP, version 0.2.7. In this version we made the following improvements:

  • Standardized LexNLP methods response to return generator of annotation objects or generator of dictionaries (tuples).
  • Improved LexNLP handling for Definitions for the “EN” locale.
  • Improved LexNLP handling for Companies for the “EN” locale.
  • Improved sentence splitting logic.
  • Improved LexNLP unit test coverage.
  • Updated python requirements in python-requirements*.txt.
  • Dropped support for python 3.4 and 3.5.

The full release notes and changelog for Version 1.2.3, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

Stay up to date on ContraxSuite’s expanding capabilities by reading our series of LIBOR-focused blog posts, or check out our LIBOR white paper.

To get started with ContraxSuite, visit our website, or drop us a line at

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