ContraxSuite 1.2.2 Release Update

Client demand for document and contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite continues to grow. The imminent demise of LIBOR has also increased demand for targeted contract review. In response, we are continuing to expand and scale the functionality of ContraxSuite after our acquisition by Elevate. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

ContraxSuite Release 1.2.2 is the twenty-third open-source release and was made generally available on June 19th, 2019. Release 1.2.2 focuses on the following broad issues:

Frontend Release Notes

  • New and improved screens for creating Document Types, Fields, and Field Detectors.
  • Fixes and improvements to increase project stability (mostly in the Annotator tool), including allowing overlapping highlights for sentence- and paragraph-level processing and review.
  • Implementing the ability for end users to soft delete documents and projects, while maintaining backup.
  • Allowing use of Percent and Ratio field types for extraction and end user review.
  • Providing separate page for representing contract document fields.
  • Better internal handling of error messages.
Detailed Frontend Changelog
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: The “Save” button didn’t appear, or had to be clicked twice, or didn’t disappear when appropriate, when entering a value if Editor type=save_by_field.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Breadcrumbs appeared incorrectly after refreshing the page.
  • Fixed Bug – Batch Analysis: Selecting a cluster and refreshing the page deselected the cluster, but continued to show “1 cluster selected” message.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Incorrect navigation when clicking “prev” and “next” buttons on right pane.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Selecting large blocks of text via scrolling caused Annotator to freeze and not highlight text appropriately.
  • Added Feature – Annotator: Increased customizability for multi-choice data fields.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: Creating annotations that overlap is now possible.
  • Added Feature – Annotator: Improved labeling for navigation to original document via a link within ContraxSuite window.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: “Percent” and “Ratio” Document Field Types fully implemented.
  • Fixed Bug: Reviewers with “Upload” ability could not see the “Add Contracts” button.
  • Added Feature – Annotator: The ability to “soft” delete documents from a project, so a user can delete a document or a project, but it will continue to be backed up for administrative security and audit. An Administrator can then do a final delete of these documents and/or projects.
  • Fixed Bug: CPU would hang when using IE 11.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Sorting columns in document grid view would not work correctly.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: Text entry form for data fields is now easier to distinguish visually from data field name.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: “Set to” function now works appropriately, and has an added explanatory text on hover-over.
  • Improved Feature: All “assignees” can now assign documents and update statuses.
  • Improved Feature – Admin Interface: Added more user-friendly styles to the UI for Document Fields, Document Types, and Document Field Detectors.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Data field values could not be deleted and re-entered easily.
  • Fixed Bug: “Add document type”, “Add document field” and “Add document field detector” buttons appeared skewed in Microsoft browsers.
  • Fixed Bug – Batch Analysis: An export command would only export all files in a project after scrolling to the end of the document list in the data grid.
  • Fixed Bug – Login Screen: Users with login problems received an error message instead of being redirected to login screen.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: Darkened font style of field names to better distinguish them from data field entry forms.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Various issues with “Related Info” fields.
  • Fixed Bug: Hover-over would not go away when user moved mouse away.
  • Improved Feature – Processing: Validation added for saving/deleting a Document Field or Document Type, and error messages for database tasks streamlined and made more accurate.
  • Fixed Bug – Contract Analysis: Confirmation message appearing in an odd position on the screen.
  • Fixed Bug – Contract Analysis: Inadequately/inaccurately written error message for document deletion.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: “Click to select annotation type:” has been changed to say “Click a field above to associate highlighted text with another field” for greater user clarity.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Screen went blank when adding data to Ratio field.
  • Fixed Bug – Contract Analysis: After “soft” deletion, saved filters were not applied after restoration of the project.
  • Added Features – Contract Analysis: ContraxSuite now supports the addition of Ratio fields.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: “Save” button would not appear when selecting today’s date.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: The word “null” appeared in tooltips for calculated fields.
  • Fixed Bug – Admin Interface: Any new Document Types user created were not appearing in the list of available Document Types.
  • Fixed Bug – Admin Interface: Error message related to background tasks would list long-form name of background tasks.
  • Fixed Bug – Batch View: Clicking on the arrow to switch between multiple instances of an item would jump that item to be aligned to the top of the right pane.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Selecting more than two options for “Set to” for any multi-choice field would only assign the first two selected options.
  • Fixed Bug – Contract Analysis: Filter settings did not carry over when switching between projects.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Assigning annotations to a “choice” field was not working.
  • Fixed Bug – Annotator: Clicking on an annotation redirected user to “Notes” screen instead of allowing for a new field assignment.
  • Improved Feature – Annotator: Multiple annotations on a passage of text would originally not stack, creating difficulty when trying to read adjacent passages of text.

Backend Release Notes

  • Fixes and improvements to increase project stability.
  • Enhancements for LexNLP parsers.
Detailed Backend Changelog
  • IManage integration improvements and fixes.
  • Email notifications:
    • Improvements to look and feel.
    • Fixed a bug where an email notification was sent about events related to 0 documents (no documents assigned from date, no new documents loaded etc.) if the corresponding flag was unchecked.
    • Added validations to notification admin pages, disallowing storage of invalid or inconsistent data.
    • Added the option to CC other individuals for document change notifications.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes related to regexp field value detection:
    • Fixed a problem where returning the first group match of the value regexp of a field containing a group definition caused crashing.
    • A new “inside regexp” option for regexp field detectors. This allows users to specify regexps that detect blocks of text containing a desired value inside them and next applying the extraction function to the matching block found by regexp.
    • New and improved multi-value extraction for regexp-based fields.
  • Implemented ability to delete documents and projects in GUI:
    1. user selects documents / projects for deletion.
    2. these documents become hidden in GUI.
    3. administrator can then confirm / reject deletion of checked documents in the admin GUI.
  • Implemented validation of the field codes entered into the admin app, preventing admins from storing codes that are incompatible with the database column naming rules and Python variable naming rules.
  • Field codes now may be safely and without conversion used in Python-syntax formulas and for column names in raw database tables.
  • Jupyter notebooks and admin tasks have been implemented for converting field codes to the proper format and updating the existing Python formulas.
  • Increased column sizes for various field types for which we encountered values too large to fit in previous size.
  • Implemented a new field detection strategy: Field-based machine learning with an “unsure” category. This category allows training of a classifier based on the feature vector build of the selected fields, and defines the probability thresholds for each class. If the classifier returns a probability of its result that is greater than the threshold, the value is presumed confident. Otherwise it goes to a separate “unsure” category.
  • Implemented a Python-coded field that allows search for similar documents and links them to the document that owns the field. Similar documents are searched in terms of the specified fields. Similarity threshold can be configured, allowing search for similar documents, as well as for full duplicates.
  • Significantly renewed API for DocumentField, DocumentType, and DocumentFieldDetector models, unified JSON response for POST, PUT, and GET request methods.
  • Moved signals for Document Field and Document Type from models into the API.
  • Implemented validation from the admin interface in API views for Document Field objects.
  • Made multiple improvements to /form-fields/ API, including an added full description in docstring.
  • Added wrapper for unknown API exceptions to return plain JSON response.
  • Patched ProjectAdmin to speed-up confirmation form.
  • Non-admins can now upload and parse documents via API.
  • Added special JSON response for DELETE API method.
  • Added new fields, Percent and Ratio.
  • Removed obsolete DocumentFilter model.
  • Reviewers can now assign documents via API.
  • Updated validation with an added check to avoid uploading documents with the same name into a project.
  • Revised initially deployed term set to the most common terms, which handle about 90% of use cases.
  • Implemented clustering by definitions.
  • Expanded and updated documentation for LexNLP, and added documentation files to ReadTheDocs.
  • Reviewed docker build scripts to make images smaller. Scheduled docker pruning.
  • Upgraded backend dependencies according to GitHub security alert.
  • Updated GUI for importing document types.
  • Routed frontend (web application) logs to Kibana.
  • Added server database backups.
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor improvements.

The full release notes and changelog for Version 1.2.2, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

Stay up to date on ContraxSuite’s expanding capabilities by reading our series of LIBOR-focused blog posts.

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