ContraxSuite 1.1.8 Release Update

Client demand for document and contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite continues to grow. Every day, we are adding new functionality to ContraxSuite, and improving existing capabilities. We’ve begun to emphasize foreign language support for LexNLP, in order to better serve Elevate Services’ many global clients.

Since our last software release, our parent company Elevate has acquired Yerra Solutions, as well as flexible lawyering consultancy Cognatio Law. As the law company grows, Contraxsuite is becoming more in-demand. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

Release Notes

ContraxSuite Release 1.1.8 is the nineteenth open source release, and is generally available today, February 11th, 2019. Release 1.1.8 focuses on the following broad issues:

  • Improvements around different document field types and APIs for storage of user-defined field values
  • Implemention of new LexNLP parsers for German and Spanish locales (e.g. Mexico)

Detailed Changelog

New in Release 1.1.8:

  • Implemented support for specifying “other” values for single-choice fields
  • Added support for displaying “default” values instead of empty single-choice and multi-choice fields
  • Re-configured Postgres slow query logging to provide fewer logs
  • Added fixes in choice fields for the correct returning of “null” values in JSON
  • Fixed broken “Find broken fields values” admin task – for searching and removing DocumentFieldValue models that have the wrong format and do not match the current document type / field configuration
  • Implemented support for specifying “Yes” / “No” values for “related info” fields without annotations
  • Implemented “Conditional” Fields API and “Hidden Always” fields API
  • Added regexps validation of field detectors and field values
  • Implemented confirmation on field save if user tasks are running
  • Added validation for default values of “related info” fields
  • Implemented initialization of dictionary data when uWSGI container starts
  • Fixed bug where saving fields order from document type editor did not work
  • Fixed Top Entity Usage List views (for Parties, Dates, Durations, etc.)
  • Disabled SQL logging for API calls by default, and made it pluggable via App Var model
  • Disabled authentication via query string for security reasons, and made it pluggable via App Var model for development
  • Added information about API authentication options to Swagger page
  • Added custom JSON serializer to serialize sets as lists in JSON fields
  • Updates to LexNLP:
    • Added processing of additional Definitions Scenarios for terms inside quotes
    • Implemented EN “Acts” parser
    • Implemented DE amounts, citations, courts, dates, definitions, durations, geo entities, and percents parsers
    • Implemented ES courts (Mexico), dates, and definitions parsers


The full release notes and changelog for Version 1.1.8, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

To get started with ContraxSuite by LexPredict, visit our website, or drop us a line at

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