ContraxSuite 1.1.6 Release Update

Client demand for document and contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite continues to rise. We are improving ContraxSuite everyday, including building functionality for integration with document management systems.

Now that LexPredict has been acquired by Elevate, ContraxSuite is more in-demand than ever. Read on for a detailed description of the latest updates to ContraxSuite.

Release Notes

This month’s release, Version 1.1.6, is the seventeenth open source release of ContraxSuite. It became generally available on December 1st, 2018. Release 1.1.6 focuses on:

  • Improvements in project and document grids
  • Enhancements to the machine learning engine

  • Optimization of SQL queries in API requests

Detailed Changelog

New in Release 1.1.6:

  • Resolved bugs in document grid backend
  • Improvements in machine learning engine training and testing functions:
    • Better logging in “Train and Test” admin task
    • Total field detection accuracy (“Test” step in “Train and Test”) is now calculated per choice value (per detected class)
    • Document fields now allow specifying scikit-learn classifier initialization code for field-based detection via Django admin. Default is DecisionTreeClassifier
    • Implemented Jupyter notebook for rendering the decision tree if the classifier is DecisionTreeClassifier
    • Accuracy calculation for “related info” fields now assumes that the field values are equal only if the engine detected exactly the same sentences/paragraphs as the test data contain
  • Better structure of Jupyter notebook files in the embedded Jupyter server. There are now two catalogs in the contraxsuite_services/notebooks folder: demo and persistent_volume. Demo contains the notebooks provided from the ContraxSuite code stored inside the docker container. They are reset to the original version on each docker restart. A docker volume is mounted to the persistent_volume folder. Its contents are kept when docker restarts. This folder is intended for storing the users’ notebooks
  • Deployment scripts: Added support for retrieving custom ContraxSuite docker images from a simple web-based distribution server, instead of from docker registry server, to improve on-premise deployment firewall handling
  • Added Django task to fix catastrophic backtracking in all regexp field detectors by simply replacing .* and .+ constructions with their limited analogs. This was not put to a migration because it can break complicated regexps and should be run manually if needed: python unsafe_fix_catastrophic_backtracking
  • Updated database dump API
  • Fixed disappearance of user values for document fields
  • Fixed incorrect clearing of finished tasks
  • Used JSON response for API responses with 404 status
  • Removed redundant aggregations and joins in SQL queries for API endpoints related with listing projects and documents
  • Removed redundant aggregations from Django’s context processors for API requests
  • Closed signup page, use ACCOUNT_ALLOW_REGISTRATION Django settings variable to unlock signup page
  • Used rounded FloatField based on DecimalField for float values in document grid
  • Fixed action name for DELETE actions in ActionMixin in order to store user activity
  • Restricted access for reviewers to documents and projects in API, used superuser-only permissions for “dump” application
  • Collect and return any variables from AppVar model if they start from frontend_ prefix in response to login rest API endpoint

The full release notes and changelog for Version 1.1.6, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

To get started with ContraxSuite by LexPredict, visit our website, or drop us a line at

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