Dan Katz to Join Advisory Council at ABA Center for Innovation

We are pleased to announce that our Chief Strategy Officer – Daniel Martin Katz is joining the Advisory Council at the ABA Center for Innovation. The ABA Center for Innovation operates at the intersection of law and technology, encouraging and accelerating innovations that improve the affordability, effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of legal services.

Dan Katz at ABA Center for Innovation

Dan Katz at ABA Center for Innovation

In the ever-changing legal marketplace, individuals and organizations are looking for new ideas in the realms of change management and innovative practices. Many organizations look to the ABA Center for Innovation for guidance and support. Dan brings a long history of legal tech innovation to the Center, bolstering their mission of encouraging and supporting partnerships and initiatives that are experimental and agile.

Not only has Dan worked with other sections of the ABA before, but this position also represents a continuation and extension of the work he’s done here at LexPredict and at Chicago-Kent College of Law. This is a natural fit.

I am happy to join the Council at the ABA Center for Innovation. Last week, I led a session for the incoming class of ABA Innovation Fellows … The workshop was a great success, and I want to thank Chase Hertel and Sarah Glassmeyer for inviting me to participate.

– Dan Katz

What is the ABA Center for Innovation?

The ABA Center for Innovation has several different programs. In their Spotlight on Innovation, the Center highlights innovation activities that are improving the delivery of legal services worldwide. They also have collaborations with New York Online Dispute Resolution and Online Legal Check Up. They also work on projects like the Louisiana Flood App.

The Center’s areas of focus align closely with some of the objectives of LexPredict’s software and consulting services. The Center emphasizes work that improves access to justice, and collaboration on innovative solutions to endemic problems within the legal system.

ABA Center for Innovation’s Areas of Focus

  1. Improving consumers’ ability to understand and access legal information and services
  2. Improving access to justice for veterans, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, tribal members, immigrants, and other vulnerable or targeted populations
  3. Making courts and court services more readily accessible and easier to navigate for litigants and jurors
  4. Improving the efficiency, transparency, and fairness of courts and court processes in both civil and criminal proceedings
  5. Improving the efficiency of corporate legal departments
  6. Improving law student education in order to prepare them to deliver legal services more efficiently and effectively
  7. Improving the public’s ability to easily find and retain counsel
  8. Ensuring the right to competent counsel in criminal proceedings is enforced
  9. Enabling lawyers to deliver their services better, faster, and cheaper

More Information

The ABA Center for Innovation seeks input from, and collaboration with, practicing attorneys, technologists, innovators, designers, consumers of legal services, social entrepreneurs, and those in public policy in order to develop new projects, programming and other resources to help drive innovation in the delivery of legal services and the practice of law. The ABA Center for Innovation has a governing and advisory council consisting of leaders in technology, innovation, design thinking, and the legal services industry.

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