Dan Katz Gives Keynote at FDCC Annual Corporate Counsel Meeting

Last week, Dan Katz went to Philadelphia to discuss legal technology and innovation at the 2018 Corporate Counsel Symposium. The Symposium was hosted by the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC).

Dan gave the keynote address last Monday at the Symposium. He focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other new and emerging technologies. Numerous technological and strategic changes are affecting the entire legal community, domestically and globally. Dan continues to spread the message that new legal tech tools are here to stay, but that humans working together with computers will lead to vastly improved outcomes across all sectors of legal.

dan katz speaking at fdcc corporate counsel symposium 2018

Dan Katz Speaking at the FDCC’s 2018 Corporate Counsel Symposium

The Symposium brought into focus some of these high-level forces, breaking them down into more concrete topics of discussion. Such topics included the rise of Chief Legal Officers; cybersecurity risk and legal exposure; data vulnerability; litigation technology; legal ethics and professionalism, with emphasis placed on systemic cultural changes such as the #MeToo movement.

Legal tech is changing the landscape of the entire global economy. Defense counsel and corporate counsel – and the entities that represent them, like the FDCC – have unique leadership responsibilities in shaping the future of legal. Events like the FDCC’s Corporate Counsel Symposium continue to bring legal experts together to discuss the best ways to move forward in a rapidly changing world.


About the FDCC

The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) is composed of recognized leaders in the legal community who have achieved professional distinction. It is dedicated to promoting knowledge, fellowship, and professionalism, the pursuit of a balanced justice system, and representation for those in need of a defense in civil lawsuits.

The FDCC offers opportunities to interact with and learn from nationally recognized lawyers in multiple jurisdictions. They value diversity and recognize that the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds is personally enriching, strengthens organizations, and enhances the quality and talent within the legal profession.

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