LexPredict Launches New User Interface for Contraxsuite

LexPredict, a leading legal technology and analytics company, is proud to announce the new ContraxSuite User Interface to support the needs of its growing customer base.

Earlier this month we released the thirteenth open source version of ContraxSuite, version 1.1.2. But this was just the tip of the iceberg of the changes rolling out for ContraxSuite. The new ContraxSuite User Interface represents the next stage in the evolution of ContraxSuite’s contract analytics:

“We believe in our product, and it is clear that other voices in the legal community are seeing the tangible benefits ContraxSuite can provide. So we have been working hard to create a brand-new user experience for ContraxSuite. Based upon our study of users and a focus group with industry leaders, we thoughtfully designed the new ContraxSuite User Interface to meet the needs of a broader set of legal industry stakeholders,”

Michael J. Bommarito, Chief Executive Officer at LexPredict

ContraxSuite has a wide range of user types across our various legal service delivery customers. Relevant users include legal data scientists, power users in legal information technology, professional review teams at legal process outsourcers, contract review units in corporate legal departments, as well as associates and partners in law firms. While the existing ContraxSuite user interface will still serve as the interface for our data scientist community, the new UI is designed to serve the needs of a much broader community of users.

“The new ContraxSuite User Interface delivers the bells and whistles that many users expect from a modern app or software tool, including dynamic menus, helpful dialog boxes, and an easy, intuitive design,”

Eric Detterman, VP and Global Head of Products and Solution Engineering at LexPredict


In addition to an enticing and intuitive front end, we have added a robust backend that allows for the ability to add customized annotation options, custom code injections (where appropriate), and support for large document sets.

The customizable structure of the new ContraxSuite User Interface allows our non-programmer power users to solve a wide variety of custom data extraction scenarios without a major time investment in custom development. Among the forthcoming new features of the ContraxSuite User Interface is a custom clustering tool for grouping documents so that users can get a quick, visual aid to help them begin understanding large, otherwise unstructured “batches” of documents.

Engines Vs. Exteriors: AI is Powered by Engines

Artificial Intelligence (legal AI or other otherwise) is ultimately driven by the quality of the underlying analytics engine. Thus, we built our ContraxSuite engine (toolkit) before committing extensive resources to UI/UX development. Having achieved success with our analytics engine, we then turned our attention to building world class UI / UX. This is only the beginning — so stay tuned for even more…

Daniel Martin Katz, Chief Strategy Officer at LexPredict

What is ContraxSuite?

ContraxSuite is one of the premier open source A.I.-empowered contract and legal document analytics engines. Powered in part by LexNLP, its core functionality can support a range of important document- and data-related tasks, including pre-processing steps such as document identification and de-duplication, as well as follow-on tasks such as document upload, data extraction, and data analysis.

While initially available only as a propietary toolkit, interest in ContraxSuite has grown ever since our announcement last year when we open-sourced the software (covered in a variety of outlets here, here, here, etc.). Various implementations of ContraxSuite are deployed or invoked across the legal industry, including at a number of AM 100 law firms and Fortune 100 corporate legal departments.

Both the ContraxSuite Engine and the new ContraxSuite User Interface will be offered under separate AGPL (a.k.a. ‘copyleft’) open source licenses. Given that many customers are required to avoid AGPL products, we offer an AGPL waiver for our customers under conditions that are outlined on the ContraxSuite website.

Get Started Today

The new ContraxSuite User Interface is available for demo today and will officially launch later this fall. Additional features for both the ContraxSuite Engine and ContraxSuite User Interface are on the product roadmap and will be added over the coming months with each monthly code release. As many customers require assistance with legal data science capabilities, LexPredict offers support packages and customization services to help support a wide range of use cases.

Whether you’re a large law firm, a small practice, a large or medium-sized in-house department, or even a developer with an interest in legal technology, send us an email to talk about the best way to implement ContraxSuite in your organization.

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