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Last month, Dan Katz was invited to participate in the University of Toronto’s “Innovation, Law, and Technology” curriculum for the Global Professional Master of Laws program (GPLLM).

Dan spoke about legal technology and informatics, both of which are transforming law as it becomes increasingly globalized. Legal innovation is a global phenomenon, but is being driven not so much by attorneys as by other actors in the legal space, such as tech startups, access-to-justice initiatives, academics, and client-driven efforts to rethink how law is practiced. Clients in particular are increasingly expecting legal service providers to use technology. Their competitive needs in the legal marketplace are such that auditing the technological capabilities of legal service providers has become commonplace. Lawyers can no longer get away with being analog.

This flexibility and fluctuation in the legal market is healthy, and provides a lot of opportunity, says Katz. “Legal technology, and other forms of innovation, is really about complexity mitigation. Ultimately, it is the international nature of law that is the underlying driver behind the sea changes in the global legal community. The complexity of the law has grown exponentially in just a few short decades. The lawyers of tomorrow need to understand the complexity that exists as a result of globalization, and they need to learn what tools can help mitigate the growing complexity, so that they are not left behind.”

The course explored how technology is currently used in legal practice, and where the tech-enabled legal profession is headed. More and more companies and software tools are entering the marketplace and causing various forms of disruption. Law students need to understand the landscape of problems and opportunities present in the wider global legal community.

About the GPLLM

University of Toronto’s GPLLM program tackles the issues facing the global legal community. It is the first program of its kind in Canada. It provides legal and other professionals, including lawyers, legal services professionals, founders, makers, business, IT, compliance, financial, and others, with the sophisticated legal knowledge and professional skills required to understand the relationship between the law and technology, including the impact of technology on the law, and to successfully navigate a career in the innovation economy.

For more information on University of Toronto’s GPLLM, visit their website.

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