Dan Katz Lectures at Bucerius

legal technology and operations summer school at bucerius

Legal Technology and Operations Summer School at Bucerius

LexPredict CSO Dan Katz recently returned from a week-long trip to Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany. The Legal Technology and Operations Summer School at Bucerius is a series of courses taught by Bucerius professors and visiting professors. Dan previously spoke at Bucerius in a lecture last summer, about the intersection of finance and law. “The financialization of the law will be an important factor in the next few decades,” he said.

This year, Dan spoke again about the rise of legal tech and its importance across major economic sectors. Dan’s lectures for this new course, from July 15 – 20, introduced law students at Bucerius to Legal Analytics and Legal Artificial Intelligence. It’s important for this generation of law students – on both sides of the Atlantic – to understand the process of extracting actionable knowledge from data. Data-driven applications continue to gain importance for law firms and in-house counsel. Data application can improve processes, forecast cases, optimize billing systems and resource management, and improve financial operations.

Innovation in both technology and in processes continues to demonstrate that legal professionals must have a more well-rounded knowledge base. One of the most challenging applications of data in the legal profession is that many legal minds eschew math as either unneeded, or prohibitively difficult to master and effectively apply. But as we’ve shown many times before, it is easy to poke holes in this widely held view. There are many strategies and technologies that lawyers and other legal professionals can use to visualize and utilize data, even if they are not “numbers-oriented”.

Dan is a regular lecturer and keynote speaker at legal conferences and events centered around legal tech. He has written numerous papers on various legal tech topics and fields of research, with frequent collaborators Michael Bommarito and Eric Detterman. Their most recent research concerns LexNLP, the natural language engine that powers ContraxSuite, and a software platform to aid and enhance usage of the SEC’s EDGAR database. For more on Dan’s lectures, appearances, and papers written with colleagues Michael Bommarito and Eric Detterman, visit Computational Legal Studies and check out our Research Projects page.

To learn more about Bucerius’ Legal Technology and Operations Summer School and related lectures, visit their website.


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