ContraxSuite 1.1.3 Release Update

Client demand for document and contract analytics tools like ContraxSuite continues to rise. At ILTA Con 2018 this week, Dan Katz and Eric Detterman had a lot of impactful discussions about the state of legal technology. Along with any discussion of legal tech come questions about the benefits of open source.

Release Notes

We’re responding to the growing interest in ContraxSuite by shrinking the interval between our usual monthly releases. Today we are releasing ContraxSuite version 1.1.3, the fourteenth open source release of ContraxSuite, generally available on August 24, 2018. Release 1.1.3 focuses on several updates in API methods, as well as improvements in document loading and field detection.

Detailed Changelog

New in Release 1.1.3:

  • LexNLP: improved get_titles and get_amounts methods so that they operate much faster now
  • Improved stability of document loading and field detection in Celery:
    • Improved database connection stability when Celery cluster works under a big load
    • Improved caching of vocabulary data used in geo/court/term detection
    • Stopped using Redis for transferring large arguments to sub-tasks
    • Stopped using Celery chords for running sub-tasks, moved to simple apply_async to avoid problems under big load
    • Increased task time limits to allow processing of bigger documents. Added auto-retrying for document processing tasks in case they crash due to database connection being lost under a big load
  • Implemented “Object of Definitions” field detectors: they select sentences only if LexNLP get_definitions() method returns one of the defined words in its output
  • Added more information to Admin Tasks table in the old UI: Celery worker host name, real work start date/time, real work duration
  • Fixed edge case bug in date detection and storage (date values out of range, durations too long)
  • Fixed RabbitMQ heartbeat error
  • Added validator into Document Type editor to check dependent fields
  • Improved handling of formula errors in Document Field
  • Blocked OPTIONS rest query
  • Added more logging in document tasks, fixed “task not found” error
  • Fixed problems in old UI with exporting to .csv and .xlsx file formats
  • Used clustering by terms in new UI to speed up clustering and avoid memory error
  • Now uses send_email_notification project field to detect whether user should be notified when document uploading is started/completed
  • New UI now allows users to filter values using case sensitivity
  • Improved parsing terms function performance
  • Better handling of cluster data while reassigning document(s) to another project

The full release notes and changelog for version 1.1.3, and for all prior versions of ContraxSuite, are available at the ContraxSuite GitHub page.

To get started with ContraxSuite by LexPredict, visit our website, or drop us a line at

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