Artificial Lawyer Names LexPredict to AL 100 Legal Tech Directory

Artificial Lawyer – the popular, award-winning website for news on AI in the legal profession – has just named LexPredict to its new “AL 100 Legal Tech Directory”.

Artificial Lawyer is a web publication that covers what it calls “Progressive Legal Tech”. This includes AI and NLP, as well as expert systems, process and task automation, blockchain and smart contracts, and data analytics. This umbrella of related fields closely aligns with our own ethos here at LexPredict. We leverage not just technology, but the people and processes of legal organizations, to create solutions.

We are honored to be included on this list of leaders in the legal tech space. Artificial Lawyer and its founder, Richard Tromans, are making great strides toward expanding market knowledge of legal tech. Every publication these days seems to be talking about AI, but mostly about how it will affect the economy, not how it actually works. With this list, Artificial Lawyer is contributing to a more widespread understanding of the various ways AI and other technology tools are actually deployed, and the real, tangible benefits they provide to legal organizations.

Getting the word out is essential to effecting lasting change in the legal industry. Artificial Lawyer’s AL 100 Directory is geared toward legal buyers, job hunters, and potential investors, all of whom will have one go-to resource when searching for the right company for their needs. And the Directory benefits just about anyone in the legal profession or interested in learning more: legal engineers, law students, academics, bar organizations, and conference organizers can all benefit from the company information in the Directory. It provides basic information about each company on the list – its size, organization, products and services offered, and company mission statement.

Additionally, the Directory is divided into multiple categories to further organize and explain how each company on the list brings unique value to the market. LexPredict, for example, is included in the “Document Review” section, because of the growing interest in our ContraxSuite platform.

About LexPredict

LexPredict is an enterprise legal technology and consulting firm. Our consulting teams specialize in legal analytics, legal data science and training, risk management, and legal data strategy consulting. We work with corporate legal departments and law firms to empower better organizational decision-making by improving processes, technology, and the ways people interact with both. We develop software and data tools, and also offer execution and education services.

LexPredict has a number of software and data products, including LexSemble, ContraxSuite, CounselTracker, and LexReserve. These products assist organizations with early case assessment and decision trees, contract analytics and workflows, outside counsel spend management, and case valuation. LexPredict also offers advisory and capital services for legal tech startups through its LexGen Ventures arm.

More Information

You can follow @LexPredict and Richard Tromans (@ArtificialLawya) on Twitter. Read Artificial Lawyer’s full press release on the AL 100 Directory here.

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