A Busy Year for ContraxSuite and Open Source

About a year ago we decided to open source our powerful contract analytics tool, ContraxSuite. Since our initial announcement, we have released thirteen iterations of the software. We have built a user-friendly interface, open sourced LexNLP, added scale and functionality, and assisted many ContraxSuite clients with deployments and customization.

ContraxSuite Releases past schedule

ContraxSuite Releases

We hope for a future where law firms and legal departments are more comfortable with open source, and all the variation that entails. We work toward that future every day, driving innovation with tools like ContraxSuite and LexNLP, and other platforms like LexSemble and LexReserve. At LexPredict we aren’t just building legal technology tools. We are changing the calcified received wisdom from “Man vs. Machine” into the much more dynamic and powerful “Man + Machine”.

Are You Ready for ContraxSuite?

Does your law firm or legal department need a contract analysis and document review platform? Does your company operate in the open source space? You can obtain a license to ContraxSuite for $0, depending on your usage policies for AGPL software licenses.

ContraxSuite is available under an open source license or under a closed source license. If you’re a solo or a small firm, or operate as a legal services outsourcer, an open source license or cloud-based services may be right for you. If your law firm, legal department, or company wishes to develop customizable, closed source derivatives, then a commercial license is probably a better fit.

We also provide support, training, and customization packages, and will be rolling out new offering details for these packages soon. These support services are available for both open source AGPL and closed source enterprise customers. We understand that every organization has unique software needs, and we have the flexibility to work with your organization on support and licensing details. If you’re ready to get started with ContraxSuite, contact us today.


About LexPredict

LexPredict is an enterprise legal technology and consulting firm. Our consulting teams specialize in legal analytics, legal data science and training, risk management, and legal data strategy consulting. We work with corporate legal departments and law firms to empower better organizational decision-making by improving processes, technology, and the ways people interact with both. We develop software and data tools, including LexSemble, ContraxSuite, CounselTracker, and LexReserve. These products assist organizations with early case assessment and decision trees, contract analytics and workflows, outside counsel spend management, and case valuation.

LexPredict also offers execution and education services, as well as advisory and capital services for legal tech startups through its LexGen Ventures arm.

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