Warren Agin Joins LexPredict as Director of Professional Development

warren agin

LexPredict, a leader in the field of legal artificial intelligence, is excited to announce the appointment of Warren Agin as a senior consultant and our new Director of Professional Development. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Agin will drive LexPredict’s professional development services, and advise LexPredict’s new and existing clients on service delivery modernization, data strategy, and applied artificial intelligence.

LexPredict’s clients include a range of Fortune 500 companies and Am Law 200 firms. We provide customized training sessions and workshops to law firms and legal departments that teach how to harness the power of data management, analytics, and AI. Our training sessions and workshops are designed to optimize complex legal processes, improve risk assessment, and satisfy customer demands.

Modern legal professionals need to understand how data-driven processes are changing the legal market. Part of our mission is helping our clients navigate these changes, and that’s why we’re excited to have Mr. Agin, a dynamic leader with years of experience, join our team to help us accomplish that goal. We have the privilege of working with some of the largest law departments and law firms in the world, and we are very excited to have Warren lead these efforts with us.

– Michael Bommarito, CEO and Co-Founder of LexPredict

In his new role, Mr. Agin will bring nearly thirty years of legal practice experience to LexPredict’s consulting services and will lead our professional development efforts to help our clients adapt to the changing legal landscape. An adjunct professor of legal analytics at Boston College Law School, with course certificates in data analysis and artificial intelligence from Duke University and the University of Washington, Mr. Agin has over two decades of experience running educational programs for lawyers. Working alongside the other experts at LexPredict, he will design customized programs and workshops to make these new and complicated concepts accessible to the practicing attorney.

Mr. Agin was previously a partner at the law firm Swiggart & Agin, LLC and principal of Analytic Law, LLC. The founding chair of the American Bar Association’s Legal Analytics Committee, he writes and lectures internationally on legal technology, analytics, and machine learning systems – including recent work on predictive systems and their application to bankruptcy cases.

From Mr. Agin:

Daniel Katz, Michael Bommarito, and Eric Detterman are clear leaders in helping lawyers navigate today’s rapidly changing environment, and their work has inspired my own transition from traditional practice. LexPredict has already built some of the most advanced products in the industry, and they are clearly committed to staying at the forefront. I’m excited to join them to teach law firms and legal departments how to understand and master the skills they need to take advantage of the new opportunities advanced legal technologies provide.


About LexPredict

LexPredict is an enterprise consulting and technology firm. We improve process, technology, and the ways people interact with both. We provide traditional consulting services, but in many other cases, we also build data and technology products, or help seed startups to address unmet needs. Our open source contract analytics platform, ContraxSuite, is just one of many tools in our arsenal of data products specialized for the legal market. For more information and for press inquiries, contact us at

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