Dan Katz to Speak at FT/RSG Innovative Lawyers Summit

dan katz RSG innovative innovation lawyers summit panel discussion

Dan Katz appears on the panel at the RSG Innovative Lawyers Summit

LexPredict is proud to announce that our Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Katz, will be the lead speaker at a session of the FT/RSG Innovative Lawyers Summit in London on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018.

The Innovative Lawyers Summit explores the growth of automation in legal services, and the ways in which service platforms are disrupting the practice of law. Dan will speak at Session 2 of the event, titled “The ‘Uber’ Moment for Lawyers”. This session will discuss aspects of the growth in technology services, particularly the ways in which companies operate without owning the products and services they sell. ‘Platforms’ are essentially monetized methods of organization, centered around the use of data and resources in innovative combinations, all facilitated by technology.

Dan will open the session, at which a panel of experts will discuss platforms already being utilized in the legal profession, the players in this new domain, and how technology platforms will impact the way legal services are created and delivered.

The FT/RSG Innovative Lawyers Summit brings together the global community of corporate counsel and private practice lawyers with chief executives, academics, and non-legal innovators. The goal is to discuss how the profession can best meet the challenges it faces, both in terms of innovation, and in its evolving role in business, government, and society.

LexPredict is an enterprise consulting and technology firm. We improve process, technology, and the ways people interact with both. We provide traditional consulting services, but in many other cases, we also build data and technology products. Our contract analytics platform, ContraxSuite, is just one of many tools in our arsenal of data products specialized for legal.

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