LexPredict Receives ISO 27001 Certification

LexPredict is pleased to announce they have received ISO 27001 certification, a recognized international standard for best practices in information security. In granting this certification, the ISO certifies that LexPredict has established a robust approach to information security controls for its clients.

The ISO’s system of standards helps organizations ensure the security of assets. Such assets may include financial information, intellectual property, employee details, and/or other information entrusted to an accredited organization by third parties. The certification process involves examining an organization’s security risks, implementing system controls for potential risks, and adopting appropriate management-level oversight in order to maintain proper security controls.

This ISO certification enhances LexPredict’s mission of providing high-quality service and commensurate security to their customers and other third-party associates. LexPredict’s ISO 27001 certification covers its consulting and analytics services. These services include LexPredict’s legal consulting, services for organizational design and optimization, and professional training resources.

Since its founding in 2013, LexPredict has established a reputation as a leader in the legal AI space. LexPredict’s primary focus lies with executing cutting-edge techniques in data management, organizational strategy, and software tools designed to optimize the work of legal professionals. This certification is just the latest step in LexPredict’s plans for the near future.

“Over the next year, we’ll be working to extend ISO 27001 coverage across our portfolio of product subsidiaries like ContraxSuite and LexSemble,” says CEO Michael Bommarito. LexPredict will also “add ISO/IEC 27017 coverage for cloud hosting of these products.”

Proof of ISO 27001 certification is available upon request. For more information on ISO certification, visit the ISO homepage. LexPredict provides traditional consulting services, builds data and technology products, and provides support. LexPredict also helps seed startups to address the unmet needs of the market. To learn more about the products and services LexPredict can offer your organization, please contact us at

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