Video: It’s 10PM – Do You Know Where Your Legal Reserves Are?

Our own Jillian Bommarito has written before about the importance of legal reserves. Anyone who manages a company, large or small, needs to have as much flexibility as possible when it comes time to deal with risk. Risk is inevitable. Preparedness is a choice.

At the Fin(Legal)Tech conference in October, Jillian took the stage to give a detailed overview about the critical importance of legal reserves. Having effective legal reserves involves leveraging tools from other domains, such as litigation financing, insurance contracts, and internal controls. She views legal reserves as an interdisciplinary effort. Reserves are a necessity after the accounting scandals at the beginning of the century. The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act increased regulation on companies’ disclosures, and Jillian sees this as a positive development.

Click here to view Jillian’s lecture on legal reserves. And contact us for more information on products and services.

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