A New Kind of Garden: ContraxSuite 1.0.4 Release Update

Our latest public release, ContraxSuite 1.0.4, is now available. In this release, we have continued to build and ship infrastructure for open, customizable contract analytics, focusing on tools for users, developers, and system administrators.

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When we first decided to open-source ContraxSuite, we hoped our project and its components would help the community collectively innovate and improve. We are humbled by the community’s response, and we look forward to watching the seeds of this garden bloom over the months and years to come.

A New Kind of Garden

There is another platform undertaking work analogous to our efforts with ContraxSuite. It’s called is a company dedicated to creating “open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food.” Using open machine learning and web applications, FarmBot can plant, water, weed, and monitor food for a whole community. The LexPredict team recently took delivery of a FarmBot Genesis v1.3 order, and we’re eager to join the community with our new kind of garden.


Just like the FarmBot project, our ContraxSuite project is dedicated to creating open and accessible technology. And just like the FarmBot, ContraxSuite is developing and applying new machine learning and software tools to help humans do more with their limited time. Even though the ContraxSuite “garden” is more metaphorical than literal, we see many similarities. ContraxSuite helps you tend your legal garden using its analytical tools. We are very excited about continuing to build and invest in our community of innovators, and we can’t wait to see how the garden grows.

While ContraxSuite doesn’t come with a robot arm and artificial eye, you might be interested to learn more about some of the tools that we use, including:

New Features and Changelog

We have made a number of improvements and changes in the 1.0.4 release, including:

  • Streamlined licensing terms for AGPL release clients
  • Pluggable application architecture for simpler customization
  • Initial Docker tooling in preparation for Windows support
  • Simplified contract and admin menus and workflows
  • LexNLP parsing and test cases improvement

We’re also developing videos and demos to help address real-world questions and use of ContraxSuite. We hope to publish these as part of our next release.

For more information about the release, as well as a complete issue-level changelog, please refer to the documentation release notes and changelog.

Let’s Talk

Do you still have questions about how ContraxSuite works, or how you can get started using it? Are you a developer or organization interested in contributing? Either way, we want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at, and we can talk with you about any questions you may have.

Let's Talk!

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