Tending Our Garden: ContraxSuite 1.0.3 Released

Our latest public release, ContraxSuite 1.0.3, is now available. We have put great effort into this version in order to tend our garden: we are pulling weeds, getting rid of bugs, and ensuring that our plants are growing. We’ve also added a few new crops to the garden! Currently, our main repository averages one clone per day.

contraxsuite update 1.0.3

When we first decided to open-source ContraxSuite, we hoped our project and its components would help the community collectively innovate and improve. We are humbled by the community’s response, and we look forward to watching the seeds of this garden bloom over the months and years to come.

Growing Team

We’re very pleased to welcome Kelly and Mikhail to the ContraxSuite product team. Kelly is an experienced technologist, Certified Scrum Master, developer, and attorney who joins us as our new Product Owner for ContraxSuite. Mikhail is an experienced Java and Python developer who has headed up large business and government IT departments. Both of them have already made a positive impact on our roadmap and pace of ContraxSuite development.

New Features and Changelog

We have made a number of improvements in the 1.0.3 release, including:

  • UI improvements for navigation and search result ranking
  • Refactoring and improving unit test frameworks
  • Adding over 1,000 unit tests
  • Adding common (top 1,000 frequency) term and real estate dictionaries and expanding on existing dictionaries

We’ve also been working to develop videos and demos to help address real-world questions and use of ContraxSuite. We hope to publish these as part of our next release.

For more information about the release, as well as a complete issue-level changelog, please refer to the documentation release notes and changelog located on github.

Keep The Conversation Going

Do you still have questions about how ContraxSuite works, or how you can get started using it? Are you a developer or organization interested in contributing? Either way, we want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at, and we can talk with you about any questions you may have.

Let's Talk!

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