ContraxSuite 1.0.2 Release Update

Release News

We are pleased to announce that ContraxSuite 1.0.2, our third public release, is now generally available on GitHub.  This release marks an important milestone for us – we have surpassed 100 “clones” of the primary ContraxSuite repository, and we are rapidly approaching 20 independent forks across the project components.

When we first decided to open source ContraxSuite, we hoped our project and its components would help the community collectively innovate and improve. We are humbled by the community’s response, and we look forward to watching the seeds of this garden bloom over the months and years to come.

Documentation and Upcoming Events

This release includes over 50 pages of documentation spanning installation, configuration, knowledge sets, and developer data models. However, we know that many of you have questions and curiosity that outstrip our current documentation coverage.

We hear you, and we’re working to double the size of our knowledge base over the next 60 days. In addition to written documentation, we are working on a series of five videos – from a ten-minute install tutorial to an advanced clustering example – that help you and your team learn how to use ContraxSuite to attack real problems.

We are also in the early planning stages for a number of user and developer events over the next six months. Our first events will involve half- or full-day workshops in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York, leading up to a large “kickoff” conference in Q1 2018. Look for more information soon!


New Features and Changelog

The 1.0.2 release focused on a number of improvements to the core infrastructure and documentation, including:

  • Improved automation and documentation for installation and configuration.
  • Refactored, integrated, and improved core locator code in LexNLP package.
  • Nearly 200 unit tests on 500 real-world text examples.
  • Additional pre-trained models and classifiers.

For more information about the release, as well as a complete issue-level change log, please refer to the documentation release notes and change log.

Keep The Conversation Going

Do you still have questions about how ContraxSuite works, or how you can get started using it? Are you a developer or organization interested in contributing? Either way, we’re all ears. Please reach out to us at so we can talk more.

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