LexGen Announces Advisory Relationship with Evichat

LexGen Ventures is pleased to announce a new advisory partner, Evichat. As many in the legal field already know, eDiscovery tools are increasingly prominent and important to firms of all sizes. One problem is that eDiscovery has not yet become available to every law firm and legal department. This is especially important now, due to the current exponential growth of social media and mobile-based data. Evichat is leveling this playing field, with a powerful, affordable platform that collects and stores a wide range of data from mobile, social media, and cloud-based sources. Evichat brings together emails, direct messages, and notifications from multiple sources into their easy-to-use eDiscovery lite platform. Not only does Evichat take advantage of the wide range of data available on the cloud, but it is currently the only cloud-based eDiscovery tool, combining eDiscovery, social and mobile data authentication, and cloud data collections.

Evichat is run by CEO and co-founder Puneet Tiwari, and CTO and co-founder Nilesh Pandey. Mr. Tiwari is an experienced lawyer in both the public and private sectors, and received his JD from Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School. Mr. Pandey is a software engineer from the University of Waterloo, and has many years of experience as a CTO at early-stage startups.

Mr. Tiwari

From Mr. Tiwari and Mr. Pandey:

We are excited to partner and collaborate with LexGen Ventures. Their years of experience and the breadth of the services they provide will allow us to drive Evichat’s growth, allowing us to better serve our clients. Dan and Michael immediately shared our vision for Evichat’s potential and saw the gap that it filled in the industry. We also can’t say enough about the influence and leadership LexGen Ventures has in the legal tech space.

Mr. Pandey

LexGen’s co-founders, Michael Bommarito II and Daniel Martin Katz, are excited about advising Evichat and its team. “Puneet and Nilesh exemplify the kind of team we love to work with.” Their experience with the frustrations of inadequate e-Discovery tools is a pervasive and serious problem that they are now at the forefront of solving. “Their vision was evident within the first few minutes we chatted.”

LexGen Ventures provides advisory services for firms in their early stages, specializing in the legal, risk, and compliance technology industries. LexGen has helped other companies find their footing in an ever-changing market, and LexGen sees a lot of potential in Evichat. As an advisory board member, LexGen will help to steer Evichat as it continues to grow and innovate in social media and mobile eDiscovery.