FantasySCOTUS End of 2016 Term

The Supreme Court released their final decisions a few weeks ago. The FantasySCOTUS results are now in!

Both the Crowd and the Algorithm performed better this term than last term. This is a highly valuable result, because every new term means there is that much more data to make predictions with. The higher the accuracy for case outcomes, the better {Marshall}+ will become at prediction in future terms. The better {Marshall}+ gets, the better the competition! Take a look at the comparison between the 2015 term and the 2016 term:

2015 results

2015 Term FantasySCOTUS Results

2016 results

2016 Term FantasySCOTUS Results

The Crowd enjoyed a bump in their case accuracy rate of almost 12% over last year, with roughly the same number of cases decided (70 in 2015; 65 in this 2016 term). The FantasySCOTUS Crowd continues to beat the machine with commanding accuracy; however, {Marshall}+ improved over last year’s performance as well.

2016 Term Winners

The Top Five winners of FantasySCOTUS for the October 2016 Term are as follows:

  1. LawFan101
  2. GatorLawNerd
  3. crwelling
  4. nbcrcc
  5. corteal

All prizewinners will be contacted by LexPredict within 30 days of the end of the term.

Fastcase Partnering with LexPredict

LexPredict is excited to announce a new partnership with Fastcase. As part of our partnership, Fastcase will sponsor the $5,000 Grand Prize for the next five years of SCOTUS terms. Going forward, we will be able to link to Fastcase’s document resources for lower court opinions, as well as other material. In turn, FantasySCOTUS will provide case predictions back to Fastcase to use in their products and services. This partnership will both enhance the FantasySCOTUS experience in future terms and also allow for greater information sharing across platforms. This means LexPredict will be working closely with Fastcase’s AI Sandbox. The sandbox is a subscription service incorporating data analytics and other AI tools. A perfect fit for LexPredict.