ContraxSuite Overview Presentation

Yesterday, we released more information about ContraxSuite, our open-source contract analytics and legal document analytics platform. This 60-slide presentation includes information such as:

  • open source licensing terms
  • how ContraxSuite is different than other products or platforms
  • common use cases for legal document analytics and contract analytics
  • the ContraxSuite paradigm – identify, organize, de-dupe, analyze, extract, visualize
  • academic theory and open source technology behind the platform
  • an explanation of the economics of open source
  • an overview of LexPredict support and customization services for contract analytics and legal document analytics

You can read the full presentation embedded below or directly on Slideshare here.

As we move towards our August 1st release, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with your feedback and questions.

And lastly, as mentioned in the presentation, we are looking for partner organizations to help create a steering body for open source legal technology, much like the Linux Foundation. If you think your organization would be interested in a founding position on this foundation’s board, please contact us before August 1.