LexPredict Partners with Elevate to Augment Technology and Legal Analytics

LexPredict and Elevate partner on legal analytics

LexPredict is very pleased to announce that, starting today, we’ll be partnering with Elevate Services, a global legal service provider, to deliver technology, data science, machine learning, and legal analytics consulting to law firms and legal departments. Our work with Elevate will focus on their ME2 “Machines and Expertise in Everything” initiative for corporate legal departments and law firms (thanks, Paul!). From a strategic alignment perspective, ME2 is a perfect marriage with the “Man + Machine > Man | Machine” legal analytics credo at the heart of our Experts, Crowds, and Algorithms framework.

The first step in our partnership is to provide customers with the combined consulting capability of Elevate and LexPredict to attack problems previously too large or complex for standard business intelligence and data mining tools. LexPredict’s data scientists and analysts will integrate with Elevate’s experienced customer engagement teams, allowing them to quickly understand customer needs, navigate access issues, and support solutions going forward. Longer term, we’re also very excited to work with Elevate to improve software products like Cael by integrating with advanced analytics and machine learning features.

“Customers trust Elevate to help them solve their problems managing and performing legal work – and to do so efficiently and effectively,” said Liam Brown, Founder and Chairman of Elevate. “Our ME2 initiative brings together the automation of the Machines to augment the Expertise of our lawyers and consultants in Everything we do. Together, Elevate and LexPredict will deliver machine learning, automation, and analytic solutions in our contracts, M&A, litigation, legal spend management, legal project management, legal invoice review and outside counsel selection software, consulting, and services.”

“We are very excited to bring our expertise to market with a partner as large and well-respected as Elevate,” said Daniel Katz, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of LexPredict. “Change has come to the legal industry, and Elevate’s leadership have proven they are visionaries in understanding this change.”

About Elevate

Elevate a leading provider of strategy, operations, technology and talent for legal departments and law firms. The company’s consultants, lawyers, process engineers, and technologists improve efficiency, quality and outcomes for clients worldwide. More at

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LexPredict is an enterprise legal technology and consulting firm, specializing in legal analytics, legal data science and training, risk management, and legal data strategy consulting. Our work spans people and processes, software and data, and execution and education. We work with corporate legal departments and law firms to empower better organizational decision-making. Learn more at