Road to Status, LexGen Client, Profiled in Recent Stanford Coverage

We’re excited to see our friends (and LexGen client) at Road to Status profiled in recent Stanford coverage for their developments in legal technology. Road to Status, started in Chicago in 2016, is like TurboTax for immigration. They provide tools and referral services to help individuals and businesses navigate the immigration process. In the words of their co-founder, Javad Khazaeli:

…with the government, I could not understand why there wasn’t a technology fix to streamline the process. Once I left the government, I found the best partners to take my idea and make it a reality.

In his interview with Stanford, Javad discusses both his personal and professional reasons for his involvement in legal technology and access to justice. He highlights a common dilemma: “Consumers of legal services are typically presented with two choices: paying for expensive lawyers without the opportunity to properly vet — or going it alone with no support infrastructure.” Our LexGen advisory services are one such addition to the legal field helping to increase awareness of these issues. LexGen is proud to help the Road to Status team on their mission to build this important infrastructure.

Read the full interview with Stanford CodeX’s Monica Bay and Road to Status’ Javad Khazaeli here. Learn more about Road to Status here.