MSU IPIC Symposium on ELS and Analytics

The MSU College of Law’s IPIC (Intellectual Property, Information and Communications) program is hosting a symposium on empirical legal studies (ELS) and the emerging field of legal analytics. ELS and analytics contradict and complement each other in many ways, and many questions and challenges lie ahead. The symposium will tackle these questions. Here are the details:

Empirical Legal Studies and Legal Analytics: Shall the Twain Meet?
MSU Law Review Symposium
MSU College of Law
Thursday, March 23rd – Friday, March 24th, 2017

Lee Epstein of Washington University will give the keynote. Our own co-founders, Dan Katz and Michael Bommarito, will both sit on panels at the symposium. There will be a total of four panel discussions covering the various aspects of the relationship between ELS and analytics.

The first panel at the symposium will discuss the overlap in methodology between ELS and analytics. Both fields look for patterns in legal behavior, but they go about this task in two different ways. The panel will examine these similarities and differences. Do they share similar approaches, just with different emphases? Can methodological standards be improved across both approaches? The panel will find out the answers.

The other panels at the symposium concern the usage of data in both ELS and analytics. Panelists will discuss the success of the Supreme Court Database, and the need for efforts to make similar databases for district courts and courts of appeals. They will also discuss the ever-changing technological landscape in law, and the many ways ELS and analytics can integrate new kinds of data. The panel will also discuss automation, natural language processing, and the great potential in codifying the highly formulaic styles of legal language.

The panels are organized by Adam Candeub, Ryan Black, Ken Grady, and Dan Linna. Be sure to check out @MSULaw on Twitter, or the MSU College of Law website for more information.