SCOTUS News: Week of October 23rd, 2016

As we have predicted before, many of the cases on the Supreme Court’s fall docket are leaning toward unanimity or near-unanimity. At least, in the eyes of the Crowd. It remains to be seen how our robotic best friend @MarshallPlus will respond to the next round of arguments; from what we have seen so far this session, there is the potential for some deep divides between the Algorithm and the Crowd.

Argument for Star Athletica, LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc. and Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools will take place this Monday. Once the argument phase has concluded, we may discover a convergence or disparity between the Algorithm’s prediction and the Crowd’s relative certainty of reversal for both cases. At the very least, we will find out all the nuanced ways that articles of clothing can or cannot be patented.

A couple more interesting developments within the last week or so:

– Certiorari was denied to the long-running case of The Estate of E. Wayne Hage et al. v. U.S. This case concerned grazing rights for cattle ranchers in Nevada. The petitioners, appealing a lower court ruling in favor of the federal government, argued that their land rights were infringed. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the federal government, citing that the government operated within the bounds of the law in claiming the ranchers’ infringement. The denial of certiorari is an unmistakable sign that the Supreme Court is satisfied with the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling, despite the relative notoriety of the issue and of the Hage family’s grievances against the federal government.

– A case in Arizona similar to Hernandez v. Mesa was denied certiorari by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals as it waits for SCOTUS to guide jurisprudence with a decision on this issue concerning Mexican citizens killed by U.S. government personnel from across the border.

New argument sessions take place next week. The election is less than two weeks away. FantasySCOTUS and {Marshall}+ are locked in mortal combat. The fun is just getting started here at LexPredict.