Announcing the LexPredict Agreement Database

Today, we’re announcing the official availability of the LexPredict Agreement Database. A few weeks ago, we sponsored a challenge for the Chicago LexHacks 2015 Hackathon: Extracting Simple Contract Metadata. As previously mentioned, we provided sample agreements as a training set for participants. Edward Bryant and his team did a great job using these agreements to implement natural language and machine learning tools to extract contract metadata. However, that sample was only for Hackathon usage and did not contain over 95% of available contract types.

All that changes with the official release of our LexPredict Agreement Database.  We are happy to announce that the product is now officially available for commercial usage and heavily discounted academic usage.  Some details around the database are provided below.

LexPredict Agreement Database Details

  • Over 400,000 contracts from publicly-traded companies and public sector entities around the world.
  • Agreements from over the last 20 years.
  • Digital, machine-readable data only; no poor OCR quality content.
  • Purchase/sale, credit/loan, employment and compensation, M&A, consulting/service/supply, transfer, and operating agreements, to name just a few.

You can view the product’s factsheet and more at the databases’s homepage.

LexPredict Agreement Database Pricing

If you’re interested in discussing pricing or obtaining a sample of the LexPredict Agreement Database, please reach out by email so we can discuss. As mentioned above, academic usage will receive heavily discounted pricing.

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