LexPredict Revolutionizes Supreme Court Predictions With FantasySCOTUS and {Marshall}+


There are three ways to forecast events – experts, crowds, and algorithms. The LexPredict team has united all three approaches to offer an accurate method of generating Supreme Court predictions.


LexPredict has gathered a group of Supreme Court experts, including lawyers who routinely practice before the High Court, law professors, and Supreme Court clinics, to offer their insights into the most important cases of the day. These experts bring their knowledge and insights into how the Justices decide cases.


LexPredict has leveraged the 20,000+ players on FantasySCOTUS, who have made predictions about all of the cases decided by the United States Supreme Court since 2009. By learning from the Wisdom of the Crowds, FantasySCOTUS can gain insight into how a large range of people view a large range of legal issues, and generate predictions.


LexPredict has developed a revolutionary algorithm that can accurately predict Supreme Court cases. We call it {MARSHALL}+, after Chief Justice John Marshall.  {Marshall}+ was able to predict every case decided since 1953 at 70% accuracy. With {MARSHALL}+, FantasySCOTUS and our panel of power predictors, we offer three perspectives on the Supreme Court’s behavior.

Man v. Machine / Man + Machine

This term, LexPredict will be comparing our FantasySCOTUS Supreme Court predictions to {Marshall}+ Supreme Court predictions in something of a man v. machine contest. Though, I should stress that this year we fully expect the humans to win, by a lot. Ultimately our goal is to determine which types of cases the algorithm does best on, which cases you all do best on, and create an ensemble prediction methodology.  By making predictions in all of the cases this term, you will contribute to what we hope will be the most sophisticated Supreme Court forecasting project of all time – with a shot at winning cash prizes to boot. Plus, you can win cool badges throughout the term by competing against your friends and colleagues, law school classmates, and {MARSHALL}+.


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